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As I Mature


A friend sent this to me and I found myself nodding in agreement to what was said. Share this with some of your friends and maybe something good will come out of it. And if it doesn’t – tough shit.

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Instant Messaging On Your iPhone


Email is so yesterday. Since I got my iPhone, my favorite application so far is JiveTalk™ from BeeJive. With JiveTalk™, you get real-time connectivity to your buddies on AIM, iChat, MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, ICQ and Jabber at the same time. With full emoticon support nonetheless! How awesome is that?

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eBay On Your iPhone


On July 23rd, barely 1 month since the launch of iPhone – the first eBay client application blessed by eBay and listed as a “certified application” was introduced for eBay junkies alike. The latest update in the form of iPhoneMyeBay 2.0 adds a few more features which seasoned eBayers will appreciate.

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Pet Shop Boys At Singfest ’07


On the eve of Singapore’s National Day come 8th August – Pet Shop Boys, Cyndi Lauper, Sugar Ray, Shaggy and many others will lead the way in Singapore’s largest outdoor music festival yet. The event will be held at Fort Canning Park as a marathon event over two days. A one day pass is going for S$200 – I wonder, how many would jump for joy? I wouldn’t.

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Greato-Fu Oyako Mother & Child


Just like any menopausal mother, sometimes she is happy but mostly – sad. Mood swings aside, she’s still highly desirable and is super limited – only 250 of this figure exist worldwide and will be available exclusively through Kidrobot retail locations. Tofu Mother stands at 20 inches and the Son at a semi-firm 8 inches. I want some big soft vinyl nutrition for my diet!

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Music From The iPhone Ads


Chances are, you have not heard of Orba Squara. Chances are, you do not know the song “Perfect Timing (This Morning)” by name. But probably, you have heard this lovely track before – it’s the music used in the Apple iPhone commercials. Taken from the debut album entitled Sunshyness, download the ringtone for your iPhone after the jump.

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iPhone: Full Unlock, Almost There


A dude by the nick of ozbimmer in Australia managed to register an overseas sim card and successfully making calls! The bad news, only outgoing calls is possible but not receiving calls or sending sms. Well, at least its a very very very good step forward. 

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