Boobies Touching On The DS


Basically, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan on the Nintendo DS is perversion in disguise. You are a student of the Seirei Takagamine Junior High School named Akuji Nishimura. A bad ass kid and proud of it too. One day, Akuji met Angel LuLu and was ordered to find a witch who is hiding in the school. If he refuse – Angel LuLu will be turn Akuji into a goody good boy. So the witch hunt begins with a lot of boobie touching, skirt lifting and sexually explicit bodily contacts.

The game is nothing more than an Otaku’s wet dream coming true on a Nintendo DS. I am not sure which is more disturbing – a game that promotes sexual harassment or Nintendo actually allow such a game to appear on the DS?


You objective is to intimidate the girls and check their hearbeat. Witches supposedly lose self-control and display their powers when their heart races. Therefore, stare, touch or do whatever your perverted mind could think of. You might be wondering – who in his right mind will actually buy such a sick game? Well, it seems – a lot. Check out these SOLD OUT pictures in Akibahara, Tokyo.



Akibahara Photos from Kotaku

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