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Yokoso Japan!


Finally. the wait is over. Yours truly will be Tokyo bound tonite. It’s been over a year since my last visit to the land of the rising sun. This time, really looking forward to visiting snow filled Takaragawa Onsen with my bunch friends there. Whats planned on the day of arrival? Shopping spree at Akihabara of coz! Yeah baby!

Devil May Cry 4

Till this day, I still don’t get who would name a videogame Devil May Cry. Its like he is undecided if he wanna. But the 4 is a clear indication of its popularity – though personally I have never played a single one. I’ve downloaded the demo on Playstation Network the other day. Not ground breaking visuals, but not bad either. The Japanese version will be out on 31st Jan while the US version on the 5th Feb. For me, it’ll just be a rental.

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Cobalt Blue DS

Folks at Nintendo are a bunch of kind souls – by constantly releasing new colors of their portable gaming device to fill our monotonously boring being we call life. Or are they? Maybe its a plot to make us realise our endless pursuit of vanity? Here, the Cobalt Blue DS coming to a gamestore near you. Personally, all I can say to this new color is …. meh. It looks exactly like the Enamel Blue I had 2 years back.


A Peek Inside

Recently, did a piece called Work and Play: A Peek Inside The Lives Of Gaming’s Greatest Readers. Basically, it features gaming setups from all over the world. I never got to send in mine as I missed the deadline, so here’s my setup in case you’ve ever wondered.


Freaky Chewing Gum

Bet you will never look at pink chewing gum the same way ever again. These were the creations of Italian artist Maurizio Savini. Aren’t they cool? Bet they taste good too. For more, continue after the break.


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Cloverfield: Everything Explained, Almost


I loved it. Its a living-the-experience kinda of movie. You’re thrown in the middle of all the chaos and commotion – which I think the story telling would not be as engaging otherwise. You have no answers. You have no knowledge of how, when or what’s that thing is. All you know is you gotta get out of Manhattan and survive. Ask questions later. Run now. Many complained that the love story is a drag. Especially during the first 30 mins of the movie – which consists of nothing but footages of a party before the chaos. But the director gotta establish the relationships of its characters, and 20 mins is a little draggy – but once the actions starts, it doesn’t stop. Looking forward to re-watching it on HD.

Wanna read more about the movie? How the concept came about. Why such an approach is taken? Click further for very long article which will most probably answer most of the questions you might have. Enjoy.

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Cloverfield’s Monster Revealed

I’ve got my tickets. I am so hyped about this movie. I love monster movies. A friend told me that the monster in the movie looked stupid and clumsy. It started showing here since yesterday – I didn’t wanna hear or read any reviews but I could not stop my curiosity. Ok, now about the monster, Instead of telling you – I’ll show you. Go pass the movie trailer for a link to see the actual monster from the movie.

Please do not click further if you do not wish to see a spoiler. You have been warned. Again, you have been warned.

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