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MGS4: Questions Answered


Little boys and girls. Rejoice! Konami has issued an official statement stating the June 12th 2008 worldwide simultaneous release date of the long awaited Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots.  I swear, if there’s another delay – I will personally hunt down Kojima-san myself and give him something he deserves. Hit the jump for Q&A about the game:

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Robotic Chicks. Seriously.


Sega Toys has released these robotic chicks. Dream Chick – Yume-Yiyoko. Designed to look and act like a fluffy yellow 3-day old baby chick, the Dreamchick is designed with a range of touch sensitive features. Simply hold it and it’ll flap its wings. Gently pat it on its fluffy head or back, and your Dreamchick will emit a series of contented chirps and cheeps. Ignore it, however, and those happy cheeps will take on a melancholy note. More images after the break.

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USB Turntable, Anyone?


Just when you thought Sony was spearheading tech innovations – it goes back in time by releasing a USB Turntable. Yes, a turntable. The belt-driven USB turntable: the PS-LX300USB will retail at $150 and it plays through Sound Forge Audio Studio (bundled) and has its own pre-amp. Estimated ship date: 3rd March 2008. I do have ton loads of LPs from yesteryears and this might actually turn out to be a good idea afterall. More details after the break.

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Sony iPod Dock


Kudos to Sony. For biting the bullet and releasing a product made specially for it’s rival in the mp3 market – the Apple iPod. Pictured here is the soon to be released, ICF-ClipMK2 (Gosh! can they come out with a simpler name please)  iPod dock / clock radio. It will retail for US$100 this May. I so want one for my office. Available in black and of coz, white.

2Gb iPod Shuffle


Disappointed with the latest updates on MacBook Pros? Here’s a consolation, Apple has pumped-up the iPod Shuffle to a staggering 2Gb on its Shuffles. Retailing at merely US$69, you should feel better by it. No?

Metal Gear Solid 4 Dated


Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to the PlayStation 3 on June 12, 2008. Not sure about you, but I can’t help hearing a little voice inside my head saying “yeah right!”. Lets hope this latest announcement is the real thing. Here’s an image featuring a 80Gb Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 bundle. Sony also announced that the Online Beta will hit us come April. Sweet. But there is a catch, “The multiplayer beta test for Metal Gear Online will kick off in April for those who pre-order the game”.

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