USB Turntable, Anyone?


Just when you thought Sony was spearheading tech innovations – it goes back in time by releasing a USB Turntable. Yes, a turntable. The belt-driven USB turntable: the PS-LX300USB will retail at $150 and it plays through Sound Forge Audio Studio (bundled) and has its own pre-amp. Estimated ship date: 3rd March 2008. I do have ton loads of LPs from yesteryears and this might actually turn out to be a good idea afterall. More details after the break.

INFO FROM SONYSTYLE: Do you still have some classic vinyl? Would you like to transfer those albums to your PC, Walkman® music player or even your iPod® music player? Well now you can bring those albums into the digital world with the PS-LX300USB USB turntable from Sony. Using the USB connection, you can import all that music into your computer and create MP3 files to store on a PC or bring along with you on your favorite portable player. The supplied Audio Studio software makes it easy for anyone to archive their music from vinyl, optimize the sound, and store them as files on their PC. The PS-LX300USB USB turntable is also a fully functional turntable that can connect to your current system and playback your vinyl albums using the internal amplifier for systems that may not have a “phono” input.

USB Audio output
33 1/3 and 45 rpm Record Playback
Belt Drive System
Supplied Dust Cover
Built In Phono Preamp: Phono Input Required on Connecting Device
RCA Type Output Jacks L/R
Signal to Noise Ratio: >50dB
Wow and Flutter-2: <0.25% (WRMS)
EQ Switch for Non-Phono Input Devices
Fully Automatic Operation


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