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What Happens In Vegas

Folks over at slaughtered this movie. Most of the reviewers think that it stinks. I on the other hand, greatly enjoyed this movie. Sure, its not gonna be receiving any Oscars nominations anytime soon. But if you are feeling braindead after a hard day’s work and just wanted a movie to entertain you and not stresses you out more, then this is it. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher are great in this movie. I love flicks like this. It relaxes me. No villain, no twisted plots, no one dying or killing. No aliens. No crystal skull. No soviet agents. Just pure fun.

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Guessing Game

When I first saw this photo, I could not believe my eyes. Let’s see if you can guess who this person is or was. The answer is after the jump. Here’s a clue, he is not an actor. And this photo was taken back in 1971. Can you guess?

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MacBook Air, Baby!

Nah. Its not mine. But I have been playing with this baby for the past 1 week now. Setting it up for my sis who has finally taken her first step into the world of hightech gadgets. The Air is really an amazing piece of technology. But its just good for normal surfing, on-the-go. Performance wise, its a tad too slow and the screen is a bit too tiny for me. Then again, one gotta remember – its designed to be a secondary computer. I love the new touchpad. Using your fingers to flip photos, go back and forth of webpages – all with just a swift of the finger (s). 

Hello, I’m A Sick Mac

My iMac has not been feeling well lately. Over the weekend, I had to spend an entire afternoon nursing it but things turned for the worst. It died on me. I had to resuscitate it by doing an Archive & Install but things got even weirder after that. It started puking every disc I put into its drive and just wouldn’t swallow. Today, I had no choice but to put it back into its box and return it to the shop. The guys there did some test to it and to cut a long story short (a story that took up almost 3 hours of my time) – they gave me a brand spanking new unit as a replacement. To my old iMac, goodbye pal, hope you’ll get well soon.

SingStar™ Vol. 2

Man! The US version of SingStar™ was just released last week and folks in Europe already getting Volume 2 of the game. Volume 2 will contain 30 new tracks which will not be available from the SingStar Store immediately. Of coz it won’t – Sony will definitely hold the release back until they have milked enough from poor folks like us. But after spending a weekend with the game, its damn fun. Have already downloaded 6 tracks at US$1.49 each. Hit the jump for complete track listing for the upcoming Volume 2.

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Win 2 tickets to Beijing Olympics

To participate is very easy, just view the photo above, correctly answer the following questions and send your answers to the International Olympic Committee: 1. Which student seems to appear tired or sleepy? 2. Which ones are male twins? 3. Which ones are the female twins? 4. How many women are in the group? 5. Which one is the teacher? Easy right? Send in your entries now!

Sultan of Brunei A340

An Air Force Lt. General wrote: ‘I toured this aircraft as it was being ‘remodeled’ in Waco , Texas. Yes, the sinks are solid gold and one of them is Lalique crystal. The Sultan bought the aircraft brand new for roughly $100 Million dollars. He had it flown to Waco from the factory and had the interior completely removed. Then, he had the folks at E- Systems installed $120 Million worth of improvements inside and outside. I have gained entrance to nuclear weapons storage areas much easier than it was gaining entrance to see this airplane. And we’re paying for this through the price of oil! Click for more images.

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