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PS3 In-Game XMB Messaging

Director of Sony Playstation Network, Eric Lempel says, in-game XMB is coming “very soon” as part of PS3 Firmware v.2.40. Finally, you will no longer required to exit a game just to check out a message received from your mates. Other features included will be Background music, Google Search Bar, Trophy etc. Cool. But please hurry it up, will ya? Our patience is wearing thin.


Hideo Kojima And Xbox360

One of’s reader by the name of Jonny L posted this screen capture from the bonus disc on the Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid 4. He was fascinated by finding a Xbox360 on the desk of a true blue Playstation exclusive game developer. For me, I don’t think its a big deal. What bothers me more is why he sits out in the open and not having a room to himself? Afterall, he is Hideo Kojima!!!! The guy who produced the biggest selling IP for Sony for fark sakes!

Movie Review: Wanted

47 year old Russian-Kazakh director Timur Bekmambetov might be lesser known in the US compared to other mainstream movie directors from Hollywood. In 2004, Bekmambetov directed Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor), a popular Russian fantasy film based on the book by Sergey Lukyanenko. The sequel, Day Watch was released 2 years later. Bekmambetov’s Hollywood debut is the new Angelina Jolie’s guns slinging, ass kicking, cars spinning, bullet bending action flick – Wanted. No spoilers, my take after the break:

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Official Playstation Bluetooth Headset

This little beauty will be bundled with the upcoming Playstation 3 title SOCOM: Confrontation come September 16. The rumored price tag is $80 while still no news on how much the standalone will cost. More images after the break:

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Proof That People Are Mean

Okay. Let’s do a simple test and we can finally put an end to the question being asked throughout the history of mankind. Are people mean? Watch the video above and tell me you did not laugh at her. You evil people you! Evil I tell ya!

Life With Playstation

Life With Playstation was announced by Kaz Hirai for the Sony Playstation 3 today during the Sony Strategic Meeting in Tokyo. According to the man, the service will be launched by March 2009. From what I see, “Life” is nothing more than just a replica (ok ok, shameless copy!) of Nintendo Wii’s weather and news channel. In addition, users can also set background music while exploring “Life”. Meh indeed.

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