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Cody on YouTube

Here is Cody in action. Terrorizing my desktop and sniffing everything insight. The past 2 nites, he has been a really good boy. Going through the nite without making much noise. In fact, last nite – he slept like a baby. Woke me up this morning around 6am for poo poo time. So far, he has been very accurate with his timing. Poo after every meal. Hope that by a week or two, he will be properly toilet trained. Fingers crossed. The music you hear in the background is his nap time music. Prologue taken from Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack. I play that when he naps or we are not around so that he will not be too bored.

Meet My New Pup

Well, I did it. After weeks of scouting countless pet shops in town, I’ve finally got my very own puppy. Brought him home a couple of hours ago and now its sleeping in the other room. He is an American Cocker Spaniel and was born on 7th July. The feeling of having a 2 1/2 months old puppy home for the first nite is a little nerve wrecking and heart wrenching at the same time. I was told that it will make some noise as its in a new environment but I should ignore his cries. He did cry a little when we left him alone, but I purposely ignored him. After about 10 minutes or so, now he has quiet down and I hope he will be for the rest of the nite. I was also told not to let it roam around the apartment until it is properly toilet trained and used to being in its crate. That should take me a week or two. Now you know why its a little heart wrenching for me. Its so adorable, but yet – I am not supposed to spoil him. Update: I have decided to call him Cody. Yup, after COD (Call Of Duty)

Day 2: Hunt For My New Best Friend

I just came back from the pet shop. Had a nice chat with some people there and they have given me some pretty good advice in selecting a dog for apartment living. Tonight, I played with 2 wonderful dogs which stole my heart. The first was a American Cocker Spaniel – lovely red and curly fur. Instantly, I knew this dog belong with me. I held it on my chest and felt it breathing. It was wonderful. Then I saw it. A miniature Schnauzer. Looking at me with its innocent eyes – as if its asking, Are you my master? Now I am divided between that lovely American Cocker Spaniel and this miniature Schnauzer. The thing is, the American Cocker Spaniel reminds me of my Golden Retriever, other than its longer ears – they share the same facial features. I think this is how the American Cocker Spaniel will grow up to become:

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Meet Jello

Meet Jello. My new friend. She’s a Shar-pei. They can grow up to 18 – 20 inches in height and weighs up to 40 – 65 pounds. Basically, that means its a no-no for my small little apartment. Hence, Jello is just my imaginary friend at best. I’ve always wanted a dog. The last time I had one was a wonderful Golden Retriever named Toby more than 10 years ago. Since moving into an apartment, my options now are left with the following options:

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PS3: Official Launching

Well well, what do you know? After almost 2 years, Sony Malaysia finally decided to launch the Playstation 3 here on 20th September 2008. Priced at RM1,599 for the 80Gb unit – its not that bad a deal. No longer fellow PS3 owners be required to send our units to Singapore for warranty claim. Those who hasn’t got a Playstation 3 please stand up.

Apple: iPhone Firmware 2.1

Dear Steve. Though the chances of you reading this is a gazillion to one, still I would like to share my thoughts with you with the recent firmware releases from Apple. I was a happy camper while using 1.1.4 but when 2.0 came along – you fucked up a perfectly working device. With 2.0.1 – things got a little better but still my iPhone was not the perfect device it was before. When 2.0.2 came about – I told myself to screw it. Now, this coming Friday to be exact – you are promising a 2.1 firmware with “no crashes”. I hope you are reading this, I just want to tell you – DON’T FUCK IT UP again. That’s all. Have a good day.

Apple: 120Gb iPod Classic

I’ve got a 80Gb iPod Classic. And I find it hard to fill it. Of coz, to people who love to watch movies on a tiny screen – they wouldn’t have much problem. I don’t. Previously, iPod Classics came in 80Gb and 160Gb. Now, Apple will just have one at 120Gb for US$249. Why so? Steve? Not that I care for more disk space, but just curious.

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