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LittleBigPlanet: Free Costumes

There are tons of costumes to be collected in the game. But there are also tons of new costumes for sale which will surely make Sony very happy. Before they rope you into parting with your hard earned cash – they are kind enough to throw you 2 free costumes starting 6th November. If you do not have a US Playstation Network ID, its time to create one. Cuz its only available on the US store. Future costumes will be sold for US$0.99 each while special characters will be doubled in price. Note to Sony: Halloween is today. Releasing the pumpkin costume on the 6th is a little …… ermmm, how should I put this? Late?

Happy Halloween guys and girls.

LittleBigPlanet: Bradygames Guide

See what Mr. Postman dropped off at my office today. The 320 pages full color LittleBigPlanet guide by Bradygames! It comes with a little poster at the end of the guide as well. Shipped out from Hong Kong and it only took 7 days to reach me. With free shipping of coz. More images after the break:

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SingStar: ABBA

Don’t tell me you did not see this coming? With the success of MamaMia the musical and recent movie adaptation, record labels and Sony wouldn’t miss this for the world. Let all the “old biscuits” rejoice and be prepared for some serious mic grabbing and cringe-worthy karaoke torture from 2nd December onwards. Gimme Gimme Gimme … songlist after the break:

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Since this is an online only game, there are no single-player or story-mode. This comes with an official Sony Bluetooth headset. As I already got one, I negotiated with the shop to just take the game while they sell the bluetooth headset separately. If I don’t like it – will sell it off by next week in time for some Resistance 2, FallOut 3 and Motorstorm 2.

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Wii: Animal Crossing Bundle

You will either love this or hate this. There’s nothing in between. I never got into the whole Animal Crossing thing on the Nintendo DS, I doubt I will do so on the Wii. But if you have been an addict, you will be happy to know that Animal Crossing: City Folk will be hitting stores come November 16th for US$69.99. Pictured here is the box art that comes with Wii Speak. Read more:

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LittleBigPlanet: Japan Edition

The Japanese version of the game has the best looking cover of all. They will also be getting 3 different packaging to choose from that comes with a silver, black or white DS3 controller. If you are thinking of getting one of these, head over to and be prepared to fork out US$89.90 each. Good things don’t come cheap.

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