LittleBigPlanet: Online

Finally. Servers for LittleBigPlanet are up and running. Been having the game for over a week and the online option was disabled. This morning, popping in the game and saw that wonderful message that says “connecting to LittleBigPlanet servers” and whoopie! How’s the online experience? Read on:

First thing I did was to check out uploaded stages by others. This one, by Sackboy, I assumed its from the developers themselves. Clicked it, and took some time to load. And while loading, I noticed that the screen froze on and off. After about a minute or so – the menu that says PLAY ONLINE appeared.

See how the image above had text outside the Play Online box. After numerous freezing and 4 minutes later, finally – was presented with a big fat Failed To Load Level message. Yay!

Since loading a stage created by others failed. I tried the QUICKPLAY option instead. Same thing happened while loading – but this time, I did not get the Failed To Load Level message and got into a stage where I had my character bouncing up and down collecting bubbles with obstacles here and there. I was required to collect as many bubbles as possible against other players in the room. BUT you don’t see other players, you’re alone on that stage and when the time runs out, your scores will be compared with the rest who were supposedly in the room with you. While jumping up and down, lags were apparent. I hope this is because I was connected with players from the US and when the game is widely available locally, the online experience will be much better. Overall, am terrified by the online experience of LittleBigPlanet, hoping for the best for an otherwise fantastic game.


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