FarCry 2: Start Crying Now

I was looking forward to this game. But after reading some real experiences by gamers – I might just skip this. A gamer by the nick of unrealweapon posted some of his comments which were unanimously agreed by early adopters of this game and the Flaw list is just rediculous. For a complete list, read on:

List Compiled by: unrealweapon
From: lowyat.net

1. game freezes when upload map.
2. unrealistic amount of bullets to take down ppl
3. Gay AI, no need to aim at u to shoot at u
4. AI super vision.  Can Spot u from far.
5. AI super hearing. Can hear u kill someone even if u do a stealth kill.
6. where are the predators(lions/hyenas/elephants…) ?
7. Online mode has major lag on some actions
8. random exp penalty after logout and login
9. online mode exp is hackable.!!!
10. single player mode may freeze during cut scenes. sometimes u char freeze (cant do anything), the game still goes.
11. ridiculous long auto save time (14 secs) during cut scenes.
12. Will stuck btw rocks at times..
13. AI respawns after u killed them.
14. unrealistic AI reaction . U shoot them at their leg but they wont limp!
15 . Tedious.. to go from point to point..
16. cant disable auto save ..
17. AIs are terminator in disguise. They wore t shirts. Yet u cant kill them with direct hits on to thier chest
17b. Direct head shots wont kill the AIs.
18. Graphic glitch. screen tearing
19. HDR glitch screen flashing does not end even if it shud end. (work around is to reload)
20. passenger seat in a car- when hit on the auto heal button, u get of the car/slide off the car
21. not wide screen!
22. Muted AI during some missions.. ended up not be able to proceed further.
23. Online menu is very user unfriendly… No clans/No names for maps created. ..  bla bla bla..
24. weapon sound glitch.. sound may disappear after few shots.
25. stealthing is useless. bug
26. mic support is poor. may or may not hear others..
27.game may freeze for a while if u r connected to internet.
28. aiming is a problem where sometimes the turning speed goes either way too fast or too slow


2 Responses to “FarCry 2: Start Crying Now”

  1. 1 Alex October 31, 2008 at 2:24 am

    Wow great compilation list, yes ALL these annoyances are true and acknowledge by gamers. The most frustrating part IMO is that mission scripts are buggy and you end up being stuck unable to continue the game. Multiplayer is hopeless no amount of patching will make online play interesting for me. Single player would be great if they sort it out and issue a patch.

  2. 2 BigMacky October 31, 2008 at 10:11 am


    I just got the game last nite, so will check it out this weekend to see how bad it really is. But from the look of things and what people are saying in forums – I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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