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Playstation Home: Failed


Playstation HOME Beta Key: Most of my friends already got one. Since forever. Woke up this morning and received mine from Sony Europe. Yeah, thanks Sony USA for not sending me a code eventhough I’m an active customer on Playstation Store. Downloaded a 77Mb file. Installed. The usual works, customize your characters, learn basic communication keys and roam. At the end of the day, I still prefer the New Xbox Experience (NXE) than HOME. Though HOME might be a different animal all together, but I really don’t see myself roaming around checking out video trailers, listen to music, chatting with people in a virtual mall. Maybe future feature upgrades will change my mind, but as of now – I think HOME is just a waste of space.

This To-Fu Gonna Cost Ya


Devilrobots blow up their famed To-Fu Head figure and give it something other than soy to chew on. This 16-inch Bubble Gum Blowing To-Fu will set you back to US$205. The last I checked, these are made with Vinyl – not gold. Only an idiot would want one. And I am one of them. Sigh.

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Red Mario Nintendo DS Lite


Just doing my morning ritual and saw this back in-stock again for pre-orders! Amazon must have gotten a bigger allocation. This time, did not wait. Added 2 units to cart straight away. Ah, time to sell off my Crimson Red one. I am guessing I will not need to pay much for this Red Mario one as I am sending it to my nephew in San Francisco and he will be bringing it back for me on the 15th. So, no shipping charges. US$134.95 (RM480). Since I am not willing to pay for the rediculous parallel import price of the newer DSi, I’ll just grab this while the prices for DSi settles in a couple of months.

Black Friday Deals


Its Black Friday. To those who are unfamiliar with it, its the day after Thanksgiving and marks the first day of shopping for Christmas in the US. If you are thinking of getting some deals from online retailers like Amazon, then do this. Log on to at 6pm sharp Malaysian time and grab Blu-rays, Games and electronic items with huge discounts. UPDATE: Currently, Transformers (Two-Disc Special Edition + BD Live) is going for US$9.99, Dreamgirls (Two-Disc Showstopper Edition) for US$9.99. These prices doesn’t last, The Bank Job was $9.99 yesterday and today went back up to its original price of $17. Grab them while you can. For more updates, visit

FallOut 3: Ain’t Bad Afterall


I never thought I would say this – but FallOut 3 is really not bad at all. I mean, am not a Adventure-RPG kinda guy but this one is quite engaging. You get to choose how your character behaves and all – nothing new, but the dialogues in this one are really funny. You can answer as politely as a choir-boy or you can be a bad mouth menopausal bitch. I just wanted to check out the graphics but didn’t expect to play this 2 hours straight. The graphics – OMG! I will explore, but I doubt I will go far.

Gone, So Soon

As posted yesterday, Nintendo will be releasing these limited editions this Friday. Last nite, my friend James saw the Red Mario one and asked if I could help him get one from amazon. Sure enough, went to amazon is it was listed as Pre-order for US$139. Added it into my cart and thinking of checking-out today, guess what? While I was all ready – there was a message from Amazon saying the item is no longer available for Pre-order and is only available from these sellers. Before I went to bed just a couple of hours ago, it was US$139 – when I woke up, its US$250! Bloody hell! With that kind of money, I’d rather get the imported version of the new DSi … damn it!

Whats Hot This Xmas?


His name is Satoru Iwata ( 岩田 聡 ) born on December 6, 1959. The current President of Nintendo. What he holds in his hand is what many parents in Japan will die for this Christmas. The new Nintendo DSi. I like this photo, its kinda like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the 10 commandments. Holding it up saying – All Ye shall want this for Christmas …. sayeth Iwata San … and it shall come to pass. Side Note: I think Justy and Zirconic could very well guess why exactly I posted this photo.

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