Sony Ericsson W980


It has been a long while since a mobile phone other than the iPhone excites me. Came across the Sony Ericsson W980 walkman phone and I kinda like a particular feature it has. A built-in FM transmitter. Basically,  it lets you send music you have saved in your phone to other FM receiver devices. Meaning, having your music played through a car stereo, mini-hifi or portable radio –  wirelessly. The phone also features HSDPA ultra fast surfing speed, 8Gb internal storage, 3.2 Megapixel camera and the best-in-class music reproduction quality as demonstrated in tests conducted by TESTfactory’s renowned lab experts. For health freaks, this phone even comes with a Walk Mate, a step counter. The easy-to-use Walk Mate application stays activated all throughout the day. It keeps track of how many steps you’ve walked and how many steps you have left to reach your daily average health goal. Place your phone in your pocket and you’re ready to go! Neat eh?


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