Pioneer Elite® KURO™ PRO-111FD


Previously, Sony Bravia X was my dream tv. Now, this FullHD 50″ Pioneer Elite® KURO™ PRO-111FD is my ultimate gadget wetdream.  Boasting 5x Deeper Black for unmatched contrast – the deepest on any display in the market. What does that mean? It simply means – even if you turn off all the lights in a darken room; you will not notice the tv is switched on. That’s how deep the black is. Some people dream about owning BMWs or a seaside mansion – I only dream about this; how sad. Retailing at US$4,500 – this dream is not that impossible. Its just a matter of priorities and how much you enjoy movies, gaming and kick-ass visuals. All of which – I am guilty of. I don’t know when and I don’t know how – but baby, someday …. we’ll be together. Like I said, it’s a dream tv. So I can dream, can I? 😦


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