Review: Mirror’s Edge


If you have been longing for fresh gameplay – Mirror’s Edge is a must-try. I started on it last night and couldn’t stop playing. The graphics are amazing and the constant adrenaline rush of running and jumping your way out of trouble is pure joy. In this game, players are adviced to run away from enemies rather than engaging them. In other situations, you can disarm your enemy but that should come as a last resort. Disarming only takes a single button press when an enemy’s gun turns red, but it doesn’t always work when it should; you can fire a few rounds from an enemy’s gun once you get your hands on it. The use of fire weapon is minimal – but on one stage, you will be required to grab hold of  a gun and used it to shoot through glass to proceed.


As with first-person view games – you don’t see much of yourself. In this case, you’ll just see what the character see and your hands grabbing on to objects. Visually – this game is mind blowing. What you see is really what you get here. Every single stage – razor sharp visual awaits. The only downside – it only has about 8 hours of gameplay. As for online – there’s a Time Trial where you can register your fastest lap to compete with others around the world. Replay value wise, not much. Then again, I don’t see myself replaying Metal Gear Solid 4 either. But the fresh gameplay is well worth your money. Again, such great visuals only available for Sony Playstation 3 and Xbox360. For Nintendo Wii owners (I am looking at you, Justy) – time to freaking upgrade and experience HD gaming visuals already!


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