Playstation 3: 160GB Bundle


In the US, there’s this 160GB Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune bundle retailing for US$499.99 (RM1,817) at amazon. What we have locally right now, is the Hong Kong bundle which comes with any two of the following Playstation 3 games  – Ninja Gaiden Σ, Assasin’s Creed, War Hawk, Resistance 1 and Ratchet & Clank. As standard, it comes with a Dual Shock 3 controller and a 160GB Playstation 3 – all for the price of RM1,750. Alternatively, if you want a cheaper unit – you can try hunting down a 40GB unit which should cost you around RM1250 with no games. But stocks are scarce and not many shops still have them. A price list of recently released games after the break. End of sales push.

PS3 Prince Of Persia (Asia) -RM175
PS3 Armor Cored For Answer (Us) – RM185
PS3 Fallout 3 Collector Edition (Asia) – RM245
PS3 Winning Eleven 2009 (Asia) – RM170 
PS3 Way Of Samurai 3 (Asia/Jpn) – RM220
PS3 Rockband 2 Band Kit (Us) – RM840
PS3 Tomb Raider Underworld (Europe) – RM175
PS3 Need For Speed UnderCover (Asia) -RM160
PS3 Pro Evo Soccer 2009 (Us) – RM175
PS3 Motorstorm 2 (Asia) – RM185
PS3 Resistance 2 (Asia) – Rm185
PS3 Call Of Duty World at War (Aus) -RM185 (Us) -RM195
PS3 Mirror Edge (Asia) – RM160
PS3 Valkryie Chronicle (Us) – RM215
PS3 WWE Smackdown 2009 (Us) – RM170
PS3 Guitar Hero World Tour (Aus) – RM170
PS3 Guitar Hero World Tour Bundle Guitar (Aus) – RM320
PS3 Legendary (Us) – RM160
PS3 Little Big Planet (Asia) – RM165
PS3 The Legend Of Spyro (Europe) – RM175
PS3 End War (Asia) -RM180
PS3 Fallout 3 (Asia) -RM160
PS3 Farcry 2 (Asia) -RM180
PS3 Midnight Club LA (Europe) -RM170
PS3 SpiderMan Web In Shadow (Us) -RM180
PS3 Bio Shock (Europe) -RM180
PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Europe) -RM210
PS3 Rachet & Clank Quest of Booty (Asia) -RM90
PS3 Saint Row 2 Collector Edition (Us) -RM250
PS3 Saint Row 2 (Us) -RM165
PS3 Golden Axe (Asia) -RM165
PS3 Dead Space (Asia) -RM160
PS3 Fifa 2009 (Asia) -RM160
PS3 Oblivion Game Of The Year (Asia) – RM140
PS3 Lego Batman (Us) -RM165
PS3 Silent Hill 5 (Asia) -RM180
PS3 Mercanaries 2 (Asia) -RM160
PS3 Disegea 3 (Us) – RM165
PS3 Guitar Hero AeroSmith (Us) – RM180

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