They Were Right!


So how was the movie? I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy it. I did but there are elements in the movie that kinda pisses me off. Firstly, the kid. That’s Will Smith’s son by the way. Secondly, the scene in McDonalds. Everyone in the cinema started laughing when Klatu (Keanu’s character) met up with his counterpart who has been staying on earth the past 70 years started talking in robotic sounding Mandarin. He reminded me of those computer voice over text software … this .. is … your … report .. and … so … the … decision … is … final. I assumed, the intention of them speaking in a foreign language (with subtitles) was so the guy sitting next to them doesn’t know they were deciding shall humans be exterminated so the planet – with its rare ability to sustain complex life – can survive. But Mandarin? 

They’ve changed the original message of the film from Cold War themes like nuclear warfare to the more contemporary issue of man’s environmental damage to the planet. The idea that these orbs around the world which acts as Noah’s Ark was a nice touch. Without giving too much of the story away – I just want to conclude that this will not be a movie that I will be eager to get on Blu-ray and it’s nice – for once to see that the humans are the villain of the movie. Between this and recent X-Files movie, this is so much more enjoyable. But its true, Keanu plays Klaatu with all the expressiveness of a wok. He should be nominated for that.


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