Unboxing Western Digital: TV HD Media Player


Went over to LowYat Plaza and got this. Star InTech reported that it was priced at RM399. They were wrong. Price ranges from RM459 to RM499. As I was scouting around for this, I came to know of many China Made products with similar features but nothing comes close to what Western Digital has to offer. Both in quality of the product and visual output. This, provides 1080p FullHD visuals via a HDMI output. More photos after the break:


This is smaller than I expected. I thought it will be like the size of a WD 500Gb External HDD – but its not. Very portable and light, great for traveling. 


What you see here is the WD TV Manual. It just comprises of steps on how you should connect this device to your HDTV and some regulatory compliance info in multiple languages. Nothing explained on the User Interface, Settings on the device and so on. For more info – visit WD TV Support page online by clicking here


If you have a HDTV with HDMI inputs and wish to view files on 1080p visuals (well, thats the whole point of getting this in the first place, isn’t it?). Remember to get a HDMI cable for it. It doesn’t come with the unit.  


See my Apple Mouse on the right? Now compare the size with the WD TV Media Player on the left. Pretty small, isn’t it? The remote is nicely built. Responsive and light. Batteries included. That’s the end of the unboxing. Stay tuned for full review.


Package Contents

  • HD Media Player
  • Stand for My Passport portable drive
  • Compact remote with batteries
  • Media converter software (Windows only)
  • Composite AV cable
  • AC adapter
  • Quick Install Guide

1 Response to “Unboxing Western Digital: TV HD Media Player”

  1. 1 rmc December 24, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    what files format does it support ? rmvb ? mkv ?

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