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All’s Well End’s Well … Not!


The original All’s Well End’s Well with Stephen Chow, Leslie Chueng, Maggie Chueng and Sandra Ng was a Chinese New Year classic. I must have watched it at least 50 times. How do you top such a feat? You can’t. Its impossible. Just came back from watching this which I classified as the most worthless piece of CNY crap in recent memories. Its nothing but a ploy to market a worthless piece of CNY crap to the China audience. From the weird Mandarin-Cantonese dialogues to the shameless promo of Qingdao. Sure, there were some funny moments but they were far and wide apart. Stay home instead. Avoid at all cost.

The BlackBerry® Storm™


I’ve been reading up on The BlackBerry® Storm™ lately and find it fascinating. It’s available locally via parallel import for a whopping RM2,650. The advertised unit is fully unlocked and can be used with Maxis or Celcom. Slightly cheaper than iPhone 3G – it features the same 480 x 360 pixel touchscreen found on both iPhone and BlackBerry Bold. According to some reviews, it’s interface is still sluggish, a bit buggy. Screen scrolls responsively, but everything else moves slowly, including response to hardware buttons. No Wi-Fi. Mediocre camera. Lousy Web browser. For a cheaper alternative, get the BlackBerry® Curve™ for RM1,399 here.

Prince Of Persia: DLC Coming 26th Feb


If you’re a fan of this game, then you’ll be glad to know that a new downloadable content (DLC) entitled “Epilogue” will be hitting the Playstation Network and XboxLive on 26th February. Ubisoft, the game’s developer has yet to announce the pricing for this DLC.

LittleBigPlanet: Download Reminder


Here’s a reminder if you have not already done so. These Chinese New Year LittleBigPlanet costumes are currently available for download from 26th January for a period of 10-day only. Log on to your Playstation Network and download away! Hurry!

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Great Chinese New Year


Just got back from my hometown minutes ago and it has been a great Chinese New Year. Lots of family members, great food and best friends – not forgetting CoDy. He’s still the baby of the family and everyone showered him with so much love. With the Canon EOS 50D, I managed to take quite a number of good family photos and it has been a really worthwhile investment. Every shot is priceless. Got some nice portraits of my mom and dad, sisters, brother and friends. CoDy said woof woof to everyone. (Translation: More photos after the break)

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Life In Mono




These pictures were taken today. Clearly no Chinese New Year mood in sight. The first photo was taken from my car while I was stuck in morning traffic on the way to work. Yeah, traffic was that bad that I had time to adjust my settings on my camera. People are supposed to be leaving the city for the long holiday. What happened? The second photo is the grills of an old and dusty fan here at my office. Yes, we still have fans. Lastly, 3 chairs at the patio where we would normally have our office gatherings.  Visit my Flickr page for more updates in the future. (More colors and less depressing ones, I promise)

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