Sony Vaio P


All the popular tech blogs in cyberspace are going ga-ga over this device from Sony. Would you pay for something like this with a starting price of US$900? I certainly wouldn’t. Between 1 to 10, my excitement level on this device is 2. Curious, but not insterested. Why? Because as with all Sony computers, its not running OS X but the ever dreadful Windows. Apple is rumored to be developing a similar device with touch-screen, now that’s really something to look out for.


5 Responses to “Sony Vaio P”

  1. 1 virtualess January 16, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Agree 100% with your description of dreadful windows….. seems like nearly everything MS does or build will crash sooner or later. Sorry about this comment because that points to Xbox as well. Happy CNY!

  2. 2 BigMacky January 16, 2009 at 3:55 pm


    Apple fanboy alert! Apple fanboy alert! Spank spank spank!

  3. 3 virtualess January 17, 2009 at 10:07 am

    Good one!

    No la, I am a fan of good reliable product, cause I am very imjin and demanding. Our Apple 17″ iMac is not that great either – the screen had some problem last year but luckily we bought extended insurance.

    iPod’s sound quality is not great at all (I am short of using other adjectives like bad, horrible etc). When you dial in the equalizer and play it through a proper sound system, or even just the ear phone, you will hear distortions.

    The only thing that I have little complain is Toyota vehicles! They just keep runningnininigninginginging.

    BTW, I am contemplating of getting the Mark 2 from KL. You have any good store to recommend? The best price I got around was 8450, cash. I could get slightly better one in Penang but it is a bit too far….. Prices should be dropping in the future but our currency is sliding down.

    Fan boy/gals etc are norm in this society, when you meditate, the internal fan-ism starts to dissolve (ego). Maybe all gadget users should learn the art of meditation to live happily and harmoniously with all brands!

  4. 4 BigMacky January 17, 2009 at 10:23 am


    Canon EOS 5D Mark II eh? I can see all the meditation has done you good. Hey, you said you had a 40D, so u gonna sell it off? May I suggest something? You meditate for half a day and maybe you will want to let it go “dirt cheap” as an encouragement to a budding photography idiot like me. How bout that?

    Ok, back to reality since that ain’t gonna happen. I believe you are in the midst of scouting around for the best prices. So, if you can – do look out for the best price for Canon EOS 50D with 18-200mm lens + a 50mm lens. See whats the best you can find. At the moment, I was quoted RM5,970 with no extra accessories. Just body and 2 lenses.

    I will ask around for your Mark II as well. You have a week before your CNY trip. So happy hunting and thank you for helping the Malaysian economy by spending RM8450 … YouBoleh!

  5. 5 virtualess January 17, 2009 at 11:53 am

    Yes I am letting go of my 40D to a good friend. Sorry la, I have to keep my promise!

    The best thing is not to buy anything! There is really no need here, just some crazy desire wanting to shoot better photos at higher ISO with wider angle lens. It is an expensive hobby, but also the whole family had a lot of memories with all the great shots. So thinking along this line, it will be RM 8450 – RM XXXX (my trade in) then divide by at least 3 years (before I go crazy and upgrade again).

    My current choices are:

    1) 5D Mark 2 coupling to my old 28-135mm Lens (IS)
    2) Nikon D700 with new lens (then more waste! Have to sell off my 28-135 lens)
    3) Get a 17-40mm Lens for my old 40D

    The last choice is not that great – I am not that impressed with 40D focusing and metering quality. It also tends to underexposed a little.

    hope to hear from you!

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