Don’t be fooled by its cuteness. This ain’t no Sesame Street. This is what adult Sesame Street will be like. The dialogues and contents of this show is not children friendly. In the first episode, a Paris Hilton look-alike artiste lost her Kitty and went on MTV News to make a heartfelt appeal to fans across the globe to look out for and return her Kitty (replace the word Kitty with another common acronym). She started off by saying ” I want you to picture my “Kitty” in your mind, My “Kitty” is beautiful with soft short hair. I know all my fans desperately wants to see my “Kitty” …” The MTV News announcer ended it by saying “If you do manage to catch a glimpse of her “Kitty”, please call the MTV Hotline. Here’s a photo of her “Kitty” …”  To view the photo, continue:




Fur TV is a comedy puppet show shown on MTV ONE in the UK.  The show uses Muppets style puppetry, but in a more adult setting. The characters are shown to undertake human activities such as drinking and having sex. The main characters are Fat Ed Tubbs, Lapeño Enriquez and Mervin J Minky. Fat Ed is a foul-mouthed, violent, beer swilling heavy metal obsessive, Lapeño (despite his hispanic name) is a Brazilian sex god, who is irresistible to women (and even to some men), while Mervin is a hapless, mentally retarded, self-abusing fanatic with an addiction to … ahem (use your imagination).


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