Twitter: Explained


Today, has finally added Twitter on their list of widgets. As you can see on the right, my latest tweets are displayed. Feel free to add me @bigmacky or visit my page. To those who doesn’t know what Twitter is, let me try to explain:

Twitter is a kinda like text messages (sms). It’s limited to 140 characters per message. You can tweet (that’s the term used for sending messages) on your Twitter page or iPhone as frequent as you want. When you first register for Twitter Handle (account), you will start will 0 followers and 0 following. Followers are people who subscribe to your tweets (messages). You can follow others as well. From Obama to Madonna, Clinton to Starbucks. Yup, even major corporate companies are joining the Twitter fever. Currently, I am following Leo Laporte (The Tech Guy) and Tina Fey (30 Rock – I love love love love love her!) and FourZeroTwo (the PR chap from Infinitywards, company behind Call Of Duty 4 game). By doing so, you’ll get tweets by them. So you’ll know what’s new with them. Moments ago, Tina Fey said “I like my men like my peanut butter: chunky”. And you can reply her too. Ahem …. 

Why Tweet when you can blog? Not everyone has the time or talent (ahem, ahem) to blog. To tweet, you can just type in “I am bored” and press send. It takes a couple of seconds and people who are following you know what you are doing, feeling, or whatever as all your Tweets will appear on their page or mobile application’s screen. Its kinda like a sms but worldwide with a network of people who gives a hoot about you, and vice versa. If you still don’t have a Twitter account, start now. Before your preferred handle (username) is gone. Cuz there can only be one TinaFey or Bigmacky. 

Its short. Its fun. Its addictive. Its a great time killer if you just have 15 secs to tweet. Remember, your Twitter experience depends on who you are following. Tip – after registering for a handle, search for famous people and follow them. They could be politicians, singers, actors or tech gurus like Leo Laporte. Give it a try.


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