Kindle DX


Just when you thought it’s safe to get the new Kindle 2 back in February, Amazon released a bigger, better Kindle DX with a 2.5 times bigger screen 3 months after. Kindle DX has a 9.7″ diagonal e-ink screen reads like real paper; boasts 16 shades of gray for clear text and sharp images. How much of an improvement from the 4-shades of gray found in the original Kindle? Continue reading to find out.


That’s a hell lot of difference if you ask me. Discount the fact that it’s not available outside of the US, I’d still prefer to just download via my iPhone Amazon Kindle app which does pretty much the same thing on a small screen. For me, portability outweighs any other features and the idea of carrying anything more than 1 device is a let-down. Now, I get free and latest feeds for my reading pleasure via Twitter by subscribing to the likes of CNN Breaking News, Engadget, Kotaku, BBC news and so on. I’ll always have something to read during a short elevator ride or while waiting for someone in a car. That, to me works better than Kindle as I don’t usually have the time to sit through a proper book.


Kindle DX has a 3.3Gb storage and holds up to 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents.


2 Responses to “Kindle DX”

  1. 1 Nat May 8, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Is there like a kindle program for ds? that is one of my questions which I have been meaning to ask you for a while but it just keeps slipping my mind. I know that the nintendo ds can connect to wireless internet and stuff but is there like an actual web browser like internet explorer for it so you can surf the internet from ds while at home?

  2. 2 BigMacky May 8, 2009 at 11:37 am


    Nope. Tough luck. Get an iPod Touch. You’ll love it. Forget that stupid Nintendo Wii. An iPod Touch is the way to go.

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