Review: Star Trek


Just got back from the movie. I have never been a Trekkie. So, I wouldn’t know much about Captain Kirk and Spock other than they warp through space on the USS Enterprise and pounce around in skin tight outfit. Though this is the 11th film based on the Star Trek franchise – its my virgin Star Trek movie experience. This was not the case for 2 girls sitting in front of me during the movie. They clapped and cheered, did the fingers splitting peace sign and recite the series’ tagline “Space: the final frontier …” They’ve got their money’s worth – no doubt. Fangirls! So, back to the movie – was it a disaster? Did J.J Abrams screw up their beloved franchise and should he be boldly ostracized to go where no one has gone before?

I would think not. It was really good. Great story telling. Fantastic special effects. But most of all, it shows the initial bonding of 2 of the most important characters in the franchise – Kirk and Spock. I was such a dud, I didn’t know the Klingon leader was Eric Bana (2003, The Hulk – directed by Ang Lee). But for those like me, who has little to no background on who’s who. Spoiler warning: You should read this Wikipedia page to understand the entire story AFTER watching the movie. Parts of the movie was a little confusing for me. But now, I understand why there were Spocks in the movie. Yes, plural. Without spoiling too much of the fun, you should definitely go watch it in the cinema. If the recent Fast & Furious got a 3 from me, then Star Trek would get a shiny 8 out of 10.


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