Susan Said


I didn’t wanna put a picture of her on my blog to avoid visually offending anyone. So, I made this header with the word fuck instead. Ok, let’s get to the juicy part. This was what happened. When couple of punks decided to poke fun at Susan Boyle in the lobby of North London’s Wembley Plaza Hotel. Susan flipped out and yelled: “How fucking dare you! You can’t fucking talk to me like that.” The police were present and intervened by asking Susan if there was a problem. Susan responded with style by saying: “Of course there’s a fucking problem.” Reports from Britain also say that Susan Boyle flipped out in another fuck filled tirade as she was watching Britain’s Got Talent and judge Piers Morgan gave praise to fellow Britain’s Got Talent contestant Shaheen Jafargholi, calling it the best pound for pound singing performance. Susan watched it in the lobby of a hotel with other people present, flipped the fuck out, dropped the F-Bomb, did a hip wiggle, took a U-Turn and darted off. I was clear from day one not interested in her rise to fame. But hell am I interested in her fall from grace. People are just pure evil. I know.


4 Responses to “Susan Said”

  1. 1 zirconic May 29, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    People will get tired of her very soon!

  2. 2 BigMacky May 29, 2009 at 10:20 pm


    I had it at hello ……

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