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Watchmen: Amazon Exclusive Nite Owl Ship Edition


I’ve never read a single copy of the Watchmen comic. So, this is all very alien to me. While watching it last nite – I can’t seem to remember anything other than a glowing blue penis! What the F was that about? This guy glowing in blue parading around naked like it’s the most natural thing to do. Visually, I gotta give it to Watchmen – its gritty and visually striking. The special effect would look great on Blu-ray. But it reminds me of Sin City. Not in a bad way. I think I’ll re-watch it and try not to get distracted by the glowing blue thing. For a photo of that glowing blue guy, continue:

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Tetsujin To Take On Gundam!


Now that the Gundam is complete, Kobe’s Wakamatsu Park is next on the list to build their very own life-sized Tetsujin. 60 feet tall and weighing in at 50 tons, Tetsujin will be on permanent display starting in August. The invasion of Giant Robots has begun. Official Poster after the break:

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Unintentionally Disturbing Children’s Toys


SixFinger – the most amazing toy ever! It looks like a finger (to be honest, we all know what it looks like). It shoots cap bomb! It shoots secret bullet! Shoots message missile and even has a ballpoint pen! For less than US$2! And available everywhere! Check out the tv commercial after the break! (the exclamation marks are very necessary!)

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HTC: Hitting Amazon UK, 15th July


During the press conference, it has been announced that the HTC latest Android phone, Hero – will be coming to Europe in July 2009. has listed the phone on their site to be made available on July 15th 2009 with a contract free phone at £429.99 (US$604 / RM2,136). For that price, you’ll get:

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Amazon: MJ Dominating The Sales Chart

We really do live in an ironic world. When he was around, people mock him and tabloids mortified him. Now that he is gone, everyone is suddenly rushing out of their homes and grabbing the last Michael Jackson cd off the shelve. Check out whats happening at – the Best Sellers chart is all Michael Jackson from 1st to the 16th position. And the best part is, it’s all sold out and will only be restocked between 1 to 3 weeks. All of them! The irony makes me sick!

Limited Edition T2 Complete Collector’s Set Endoskull


This is strictly for fans. The 6-discs Limited Edition T2 Complete Collector’s Set Endoskull available now at for US$113.99. Some early reviews pointed out that only the movies are on actual Blu-ray discs while balance are on regular DVDs. The reviewer also said “The huge 14” tall endoskeleton head bust is chinsy at best. Details are not horrible but they’re not good either. It’s constructed of high impact styrene plastic (vacuum metalized chrome is probably the only plus on this thing). It looks very “toyish” with some very poor black paint wash applications. Light up eyes feature is a tad bit cool…sound effects are annoying and too loud at best.”

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