Maxis 3G iPhone: Signed Up


The gang went to Pavilion for DimSum today. Two hours later, 4 out of 7 of us were at the Apple Store buying an iPhone. The funny thing was, non of us getting a phone today. We were there just for food. Anyway, we knew Apple will be announcing a new iPhone next Monday in the US. But we are also aware that its only available in the US and Europe. So what made us sign up now? The iValue Plan from Maxis. For RM100 a month, we’ll get 500Mb of data plus 333 minutes of voice call. Plus an additional RM8, we’ll get 500 sms bundled in. Currently, I am paying RM120 for my DiGi with snail like EDGE. But the biggest reason is the phone subsidy provided by the company which covers quite a bit of the cost. So, getting the new to-be-announced iPhone will pose a couple of problems. Firstly, we can’t submit a local bill for reimbursement. Secondly, we won’t be able to enjoy the RM100 iValue plan. Thirdly, I am sick and tired of using a non-supported product that I have to hack and crack everytime there is a new firmware update. As a result, Mac Store will need to restock 3 white and 1 black 16Gb iPhones.


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