Palm Pre: iPhone Killer?


This is the Palm Pre. Touted as Palm’s Messiah and the true worthy contender as an iPhone killer. It shares the same touchscreen, the same fluid user interface, a similar App Store and many other things that points back to – the iPhone. Why? Simply because its primary mastermind was Jon Rubinstein, who joined Palm after working with Steve Jobs at Apple for 16 years. Once at Palm, he hired 250 engineers from Apple and elsewhere. In just 2 short years, the Palm Pre drops. Will folks outside the US get this? Sure, if your country supports CDMA network and you don’t mind paying dearly on eBay. Are tech blogs loving it? Yes. Will it really kill off the iPhone? At the moment, not a chance. It’s still a 1.0 product while the iPhone is 2-years in with a great app store featuring 35,000 apps and counting. But it sure does make all the previous so called iPhone Killers look really bad. Good on ya, Palm. Competition is good. It keeps Apple on it’s feet. And that coming from an Apple fanboy – myself.


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