Tethering: Available On Maxis


I am one week late in watching the Apple WWDC 2009 keynote presentation. Downloaded it from iTunes last nite and finally managed to watch it today. I already knew Malaysia will be getting the iPhone 3G S next month. But what surprised me was Maxis, Malaysia’s version of AT&T is one of the 22 Telcos around the world that will be supporting tethering on the iPhone 3G S. For those who doesn’t know what tethering is – its basically accessing the internet on your laptop computer by pairing it with your iPhone as a modem. Unless Maxis will be introducing an Unlimited data package for the iPhone 3G S – I wouldn’t be too excited about this. Based on the current data plans of  500Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb and 3Gb data cap – expect some hefty mobile bills coming your way if you choose to tether.

Update: Maxis launched the iPhone 3G here in Malaysia back in March 2009. In just 3 short months – Apple launched the iPhone 3G S. Last Friday, Maxis sent each and every iPhone 3G owners a sms thanking them for being a sucker and as a token of appreciation, Maxis will be mailing them the latest iPhone 3.0 firmware on a CD! Today, Apple delayed the worldwide release of firmware 3.0 by a day in response to it being hacked. So what does this mean? It means, what Maxis sent out is just an outdated good for nothing coaster in the form of a CD. One step forward, two steps back.


5 Responses to “Tethering: Available On Maxis”

  1. 1 holaBola June 18, 2009 at 8:17 am

    damn maxis, i really hope other telco such as celcom or digi can bring iphone to malaysia too.. currently maxis monopoly the market, they can put any price or package they wanted because they are the only one selling iphone in malaysia.. maxis suck!

  2. 2 BigMacky June 18, 2009 at 9:02 am


    I feel your frustrations. But I think it will take awhile before Apple allows that to happen. Business is business. Apple just wanna sell phones. Maxis just wanna rip us off. Am currently tracking my daily data usage. Within 1 hour. I’ve already used 3.7mb of data on my iPhone. I would imagine, even with a 3Gb data plan, I would probably used it up by a week. Am currently on Data Unlimited plan at RM99. Using a jail broken iPhone. But when I sign on for the 3G S next month – will be bound by the damn data cap and will have to subject to Maxis’s rules. Yeah. Maxis sux! Am contemplating should I source for an alternative again. iPhone Dev Team FTW!

  3. 3 pmg4lktan September 22, 2009 at 12:20 am

    I will try tethering using my Celcom Broadband data card, I think it will work since it basically works on the iPhone 3G with a 3G connection of course …

    About the unlimited package … it had been discontinued … so I wonder if there is any workaround to get that package? anyone? hehe … =P

    Best regards from,

  4. 4 Gurney Gig October 30, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Went to Max Sucks today.

    1. Can’t get iPhone 3GS unless you sign up for a stupidly priced plan (I think this is illegal as it is a tie in). I don’t want a plan – I just want to buy the phone outright. The iPhone plans really suck for me as I call overseas a lot and the plans have only domestic minutes.

    2. I asked how much Data costs if you go over the cheesy 3 Gigs. They told me something stupid like .5 cents per kilobyte, blah, blah. So I asked how much the next 3 Gigs would cost? RM1200! Fuck! But they said they have now capped the price at RM 250 per month (excluding your initial RM99). So unlimited Data is really RM349 per month.

    3. Wait! Found out if you are a super data user and will go over 3 Gigs then it is better to NOT get a RM99 package – just stick to pay per data as it is also capped at RM 250 – saving you the RM99 for the first 3 Gigs.

    4. Found out they changed their servers to automatically turn on Data without users’ consent. So if you have an iPhone and do not want to use Data you are screwed. Every time you want to access the web through Wifi, Data will turn on first – and it is very expensive without a plan. My child loves to grab my iPhone and push buttons – could cost me a fortune.

    Conclusion – I will get a GS in Singapore or HK – it is cheaper and I don’t have to deal with Max Sucks.

    I will try Celcom’s service, too. Might switch just to give the finger to Max Sucks.

  5. 5 BigMacky October 31, 2009 at 12:01 am

    Gurney Gig

    I totally agree with you. That Maxis sucks. But among all the Telcos here in Malaysia, it sucks the least. I would strongly advice you against signing up with Celcom. Had a pretty bad experience with them. Check out this post of mine:


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