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DJ Hero: Renegade Edition


Would you spend US$200 on a videogame peripheral? The DJ Hero Renegade Edition comes with a JAY-Z and EMINEM 2-CD pack featuring unreleased tracks plus a carrying case that converts into a DJ stand and a turntable featuring “premium metal controls and finish”. Am intrigued by this game and if I am getting it – I’ll just settle for the regular edition which costs US$80 less. The game coming on 27th October 2009 for Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox360 and yes – the Nintendo Wii as well. Check out the video demo featuring Gwen’s Hollaback Girl + James. I would totally pay for that track!

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Tuttuki Bako (Poking Box)


Stick you finger in and have some fun! Tuttuki Bako (Poking Box) is a new reality game that allows you to interact with digital creatures inside the box by sticking your finger in! A digital representation of your finger will appear in real time as you poke around with fun interactive animations. Retailing at US$38 plus another US$18 for shipping – poke something else if the pricing is a little stiff for ya. Check out the video after the break.

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I Closed A Sale Today!


Justy bought the Olympus EP-1 today. Feeling mighty pleased with myself.

The New Chocolate, Its Official


It’s official – these are official press release photos from LG on it’s new BL40. The 4th gen in it’s Chocolate series. Great concept – most probably bad execution. I doubt something that thin and small has the processing power to run all those apps smoothly. Surfing the web on such a wide but narrow screen ain’t gonna be something I would enjoy. Or would it?

Leica S2 DSLR: US$26,165 A Pop!


Yup. That’s right. This little camera costs US$26,165 and that’s just for the body, without any lenses. I ain’t no maths genius but a simple calculation tells me one of these will get me approximately 32.5 units of Olympus EP-1. How bout that, eat your heart out – all you “Not A Point-And-Shoot, Not An SLR, It’s A Pen” Olympus fanboys out there!

JoBy: Gorillamobile


JoBy has introduced their latest tripod – the Gorillamobile. Providing the same functionality of Gorillapods for digital cameras, on a mobile phone with three types of quick-release adapters attachable quickly and securely for instant switching between devices. One of these adapters include a custom engineered suction cup for a temporary hold—even works on soft-touch rubberized finishes. Retailing at US$29.90 – ships now.

Pioneer: Ultra-Lightweight DVD Burner


This is not a CD jewel case, though it definitely looks like one. It’s infact, a DVD burner from Pioneer. The DVR-XD09 is the world’s smallest and lightest DVD/CD writers available and will begins shipping in August for a suggested retail price of $79.99.

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