Playstation 3: Slim/Price Cut Edition


Rumors are flying. Sony is denying it. But its not totally impossible. Afterall, Sony Playstation 2 had a slimmed down version (albeit being problematic with overheating issues), with a cheaper manufacturing cost compared to its predecessor. From what we’ve learned with the leaks on Sony PSP Go! – Sony isn’t great at enforcing those Non-Disclosure Agreements. If these rumors are true, we will be seeing a slimmer, cheaper Playstation 3 by July/August. Early leaked photos indicated a built-in 120Gb HDD and a heat prone casing. I hope Sony will resolve the dreaded Yellow Light Of Death (YLoD) problem that took out my 2-year old white 40 Gb Playstation 3 recently. I don’t care much about the size – really. Just fix the damn YLoD shit. But folks in space stricken Japan will welcome it, for sure. End note: The rumored PS3 logo pictured above is so ….. meh.


1 Response to “Playstation 3: Slim/Price Cut Edition”

  1. 1 ps3 bundle August 3, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Sony do need to drop the price, not because the system isn’t worth it, because it is worth £300 (in the UK) all day long, but because of the timing, the credit crunch is upon us all and xbox 360’s are £150, for the people who don’t have much money and want a next gen console, which one are they going to go for? thats right the xbox 360. If sony lowered the price to £200 then people might stretch the extra money for the ps3, as £50 extra for a blu-ray player is a major selling point, but they probably won’t be able to afford a hd TV to play it on LOL

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