iPhone 3G S: Hitting Asia, This Week


SingTel will be launching the new iPhone 3G S this Friday, 10th July 2009. What’s worth noting is that the 8GB iPhone 3G will now cost S$138 on the iFlexi Value compared with S$348 last year. Existing iPhone 3G users who have fulfilled at least six months of their two-year contract are eligible for an early upgrade offer which requires them to top up S$600. They can, however, trade in their 8GB iPhone 3G and 16GB iPhone 3G at S$300 and S$400, respectively. While 3 Hong Kong has just updated its tariff plans on their website. What’s happening here in Malaysia which is also in the same list with Singapore, Hong Kong and a dozen of other countries that will be having a 9th July 2009 iPhone 3G S launch? Maxis, is still pretty much just being a dumb fuck as always. There are rumors that Maxis will only be launching the newer iPhone 3G S at the end of the year instead. If that’s true, I think Apple would be better off with a different Telco for the benefit of the iPhone community here in Malaysia. Early adopters should just hunt for alternative sources for the iPhone 3G S – elsewhere. As of now, Apple Store in Australia is selling unlocked iPhone 3G S. No jailbreaking required. Put in any sim-card from any telco and it’ll work. Priced at AUD879 (RM2,480) and AUD1040 (RM2935) for a 16GB and 32GB respectively. Screw Maxis. They’re working in snail pace speed while others are light years ahead. How typical.

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