HTC Hero Vs. iPhone 3Gs


Just came back from Lowyat Plaza. Played around with the HTC Magic. Since it’s not based on the new Sense UI – it looks dated and lame. Exactly how I remembered Android phone looked and felt – like Linux. With Hero, HTC finally nailed what get users excited, the 3i – Interface, Integrate and Internet. I’ve seen ton loads of videos. Fairly familiar with the ins and outs of the phone by now. I want a new user experience. And the iPhone 3Gs just doesn’t give me what I want. To me, it felt like a 3.5 upgrade of the previous 3G model.

Those around me will attest to the fact that I’m the biggest Apple iPhone fanboy in the group. I was the first to import my iPhone from eBay 2 years ago. Ridiculed by everyone who labeled my then locked iPhone as an expensive touchscreen iPod. I endured. Even managed to recover the cost of my iPhone by offering unlocking services back then. Now, 2 years after. Apple gave us iPhone 3Gs. Sure, it’s faster. But with OS 3.0 – my first generation iPhone can do 80% of what the 3Gs does. I need to buy a Twitter App to get my daily twitter fix. With the HTC Hero – Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, FaceBook, Google Maps are integrated out-of-the-box. No apps purchases required.

Being the first Android phone with Flash capability – suddenly the web feels a little more accessible on a mobile device. Will the next iPhone be able to reclaim it’s title as a revolutionary mobile device? The recent upgrade felt more like an evolution. That coming from an Apple fanboy – speaks a lot about HTC’s latest effort. I hope that’s not a sign of Apple’s complacency. It’s getting really competitive. Lest Apple becomes the hare against the tortoise. We all know how that ends.


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