Casio Men’s Classic Digital, A158W-1


The digital watch has come a long way. The Casio on the right, though dated looking – it’s actually a new release. Sporting retro-inspired looks, the quartz-powered Casio Men’s Classic Digital Bracelet Watch #A158W-1 features an classic, easy-to-read digital-gray dial face with a sturdy mineral dial window. Retailing for US$16.45 at amazon, it’s highly desirable. The Samsung watchphone on the other hand – meh. If I want a phone, I’ll get a damn phone! (sour grapes – knowing well I can’t afford it). Now, back to the US$16.45 Casio watch … drool. drool. drool.

It was posted here by Scott Stein, Cnet’s Senior Associate Editor (pictured below). I like it’s simplicity. Reminded me of my first Casio digital watch back in the 80s. Just like Scott, I realized that I don’t wear a watch anymore. Time – for me, it’s always a click away on my iPhone’s homescreen. Do you still wear a watch?



1 Response to “Casio Men’s Classic Digital, A158W-1”

  1. 1 Thiago Korsakoff August 2, 2009 at 9:11 am

    Good Post!
    I personally love the watches from Casio. Actually, I got the first still works; D
    Recently tried a good online store to give my brother with this clock, and I found that here with great prices:
    In addition to the watches of the Casio also have alarms and other products from them.
    Well, there is the tip! Hugs!

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