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Whitney Houston: I Look To You


Her first single in 6-years. Whitney Houston is back with “I Look To You” . The song, written by R. Kelly, was released Tuesday as a free download on Whitney’s official website, I am happy to see that she’s finally getting her life back together. At 46 and having a 16-year old daughter, clearly – maturity has caught on. But with Whitney, it’s always about her singing. What she does in her private life is her own prerogative. Welcome back – Whitney.


iPod Egg Cups


Seriously, is this even necessary? Strictly for Apple FanBoys I guess.

Apple: Web Tablet


I dreamt of you last nite …….. again.

Creative Debuts Android-powered Zii EGG


With front and rear facing cameras, HD playback, 1080p video output, OpenGL ES support, X-Fi audio processing, 32GB of built-in memory, SD slot, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 3-axis accelerometer and a 320 x 480 screen with 10-point multitouch capacitive input – it’s an impressive piece of hardware. What’s missing is a 3G chip. If Creative come to their senses – that chip will be in when Creative launch Zii EGG with a US$400 price tag. A note to Creative, User Interface & overall experience – key to success. From the following demo, it doesn’t seems fluid enough to compete:

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Music: BEGIN


BEGIN’s new album, 3LDK will be released on 5th August 2009. Available from for US$29.25 (RM103.16) with free international shipping.

BEGINオリジナル・アルバムいよいよ発売!! 来年デビュー20周年を迎えるBEGIN。本作はミュージシャンとして成人式を迎える前の未成年最後のアルバム。島唄でもない、一五一会でもない、でもやはり”いい感じ”のBEGINを楽しめる。明石家さんまとの共作、そしてよしもとの人気芸人が多数参加した話題曲「笑顔のまんま」収録。

01 笑顔のまんま(BEGIN with アホナスターズ)
02 愛してる
03 パナマ帽をかぶって
05 笑って僕を許して
06 パラカ(Instrumental)
07 スタンドバイミーが聴こえる
08 明日の朝には
09 日暮れ道
10 ホームシックブルース
11 イチャリバオハナ

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Multiplayer Gameplay

I almost hugged my iMac after watching this gameplay trailer from CoD: Modern Warfare 2 online Multiplayer. For a brief moment, I was in total bliss. Then I realized, that I will be away for 12 days in December! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I make up for all the lost time and my level ups? I know what I should do. Bring my Playstation 3 along with me to Tokyo!

MixTape iPhone Cases


Great idea. Lazy execution. Maybe my friend miaomiaocat can do a better job with her handicraft skills. I would definitely get one of these from her – a multi-layered cassette tape. Complete with my all time cheesy self gratifying slogan “my selection is your listening pleasure” written on the tape. Eeeeeeeeeew. Gross! The 80’s with it’s big hair can really make you do silly things.

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