Wii Sports Resort


Improved controls – now possible with the Wii Motion Plus has given Wii Sports a different gaming experience. Out of 12-sports found in Wii Sports Resort , my fav of them all has gotta be Archery. With wind factor, distance and board movements – it’s one heck of a challenging game. For more of my review, continue:


Wii Sports Resort provide a good balance of game style and challenges – Swordplay, wakeboardning, Frisbee, Archery, Basketball, Table Tennis, Gold, Bowling, Power Crusing, Canoeing, Cycling and Air Sports.

But this game is only playable with the Wii Motion Plus, so – unless you’re willing to fork out extra money for another set – you’ll be left with a game that shines in multiplayer but lacks lasting single-player appeal. As a party game, Wii Sports Resort is an excellent choice. Sure to bring a bunch of fun to your living room.


Visually, it may seemed similar with Wii Sports. But upon further inspection – you’ll notice sharper graphics, better physics and most important – razor sharp controls. Power Cruising (jet-ski) is a good example. The physics and controls are top notch. This game is definitely a perfect tool to “convince” new gamers to jump-in and experience what the Nintendo Wii has to offer.


Contrary to what my friend Justy who thinks that I constantly thrash the Wii – I do give it props and credits when a good game comes along. I’ve raved about Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Super Paper Mario just to name a few. It’s just the shameless casual game clones that I despise. Ahem!


If you have a Nintendo Wii, then this game is a must-get. Gameplay with Wii Motion Plus is whats needed to push realism on the Wii to the next level. Well worth every penny spent.


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