Apple: MacBook Touch


New reports surfaced on the much hyped and rumored media pad which Apple will be announcing on September 7th. After reading the said article, even the name of the product makes perfect sense and possibly could be the real name. The MacBook Touch. It has a 9.7 inch multi-touch screen – a cross breed between a MacBook and an iPod Touch.


It will come in 2 flavors. A 80Gb unit and a 120Gb unit priced at €849 (US$1200/RM4,221) and €999 (US$1426/RM5,015) respectively. With the rumored iPod Touch getting a built-in camera and mic, I do not see any reason why Apple would refuse such a feature on this device. 

Just like the iPod Touch – you will not be able to make phone calls, sms or mms. Skype over wifi is a possibility as such feature is available on the iPod Touch. It’s also being rumored that the App Store will feature a new section of games and apps exclusively for the MacBook Touch.

The device will have 2 USB slots, no optical drive (compatible with MacBook Air’s SuperDrive), SD slot, works with Apple’s wireless keyboard and mouse. A dock is available separately for €79 (US$112/RM396) to use the device as a screen when paired with the wireless keyboard and mouse – turning your MacBook Touch into an iMac on-the-go. It’s also said that the MacBook Touch will be running OS X 10.6 SnowLeopard. Sweet!  

UPDATE: At last. We see it. No more fan made illustration. No more gadget wet dream imagination. This – is possibly the real deal. The much talked about Apple MacBook Touch. To those who are not familiar with Macs – that’s the welcome screen when you switch on your Mac for the very first time during set-up. Authentic or another boohoo? You judge. But I think – this might be it.


3 Responses to “Apple: MacBook Touch”

  1. 1 virtualess August 15, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Ah, so expensive….. let’s hope it is priced lower. Will love to know how it work in tandem with any other existing Mac system. Err, BM, do you want to share share upgrade OS? Get the family pack together? I have 3 Mac OS waiting to be upgraded, if you want, we can tumpang….

  2. 2 BigMacky August 16, 2009 at 6:59 am


    A little pricey, yes if compared to netbooks. But this is a league on its own. Its gonna bring a revolutionary change like the iPhone did with handphones. But yes, a lower price would be much appreciated indeed.

    As for the OS upgrade, how much is the tumpang cost? I got 2 iMacs here. If I remember correctly, the upgrade will be US$29 for single users.

  3. 3 macbook April 8, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    I sure hope that a touch screen macbook is on the way. Its what the ipad should have been. I can’t see it being farther out than a year or two, the technology is there just needs to be modified. And thats something Id definitely pay money for.

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