Maxis: No More Unlimited Data Plan


Maxis introduced their latest Data packages for mobile devices today. Gone is the RM99 unlimited data package. Instead, you get a capped monthly 3Gb data usage for RM88. Well, unless you’re using your mobile phone for tethering – it’s kinda hard to use up 1Gb of data. I for one, listen to online radio streams on my iPhone quite a bit – and only been using about 400+ Mb a month. Still, having the option to go Unlimited is liberating. As of this posting – Celcom and DiGi still haven’t made any similar changes to their data plans ….. yet.


26 Responses to “Maxis: No More Unlimited Data Plan”

  1. 1 Ken September 1, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    im still under the RM99 package, since i do use my phone as a modem when i can (like out of the house, or need to download something really fast – it is faster than P1 RM 99 at times).

    I called Maxis up recently to ask them if there are any real difference between the RM99 and RM88 package and she said the latter still has unlimited access…which means good news for me.

    The only real downside is, the line can be really unpredictable. i can get disconnected anytime. Sometimes never. Screwed them up the other day and seems to have improved. i know the speed has. I downloaded 1.1 gigs in 2 hours…and that’s only because the last 200megs was slow on their side (megaupload)

    • 2 Ken September 1, 2009 at 12:35 pm

      “I called Maxis up recently to ask them if there are any real difference between the RM99 and RM88 package and she said the latter still has unlimited access…which means good news for me.”

      Oops! I meant the FORMER not latter

  2. 3 BigMacky September 1, 2009 at 1:17 pm


    I am considering switching to Celcom. I heard their mobile broadband 3G network is wider and faster compared to Maxis. At RM98 with a 5Gb cap – is more than adequate for me as I do not thether (well, not yet). Things will change if the rumored MacBook Touch is a reality. Then I guess I’ll be needing more bandwidth.

    But downloading a 1.1Gb file within 2 hours via 3G is indeed impressive!

  3. 4 feins September 4, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    I just got my new iPhone 3GS and move to idata 3 recently i was on 99 unlimited data and now i’ve been told that there is no more unlimited data unlimited are cap at 3GB which maxis told me and my so call unlimited data will automatically been cap at 3Gig since i move to iData 3 eventually.

  4. 5 feins September 9, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    Frankly saying I’m a field engineer and my last month data usage since i still have my 99 unlimited already over 4.5GB of download and only 110mb upload cos i do a lot of job outside on the field downloading software update and firmware for devices and i use the mobile data for my email and so on. So mainly saying this a 3GB Quota are indeed a scam. I really regret switching to iData package if really know this i rather pay full amount on the phone rather now i had to limit on my usage having mobile data is like no data at all.

  5. 6 BigMacky September 9, 2009 at 9:16 pm


    Even if you get the phone outright, which Telco offers Unlimited 3G data plan? If I am not mistaken, Celcom has a 5Gb cap on its RM98 package. DiGi on the other hand, hopeless if you wanting to download 4.5G of data each month on it’s snail like EDGE connection. Is there any alternatives out there? Please share. Thanks.

    • 7 feins September 14, 2009 at 3:12 am

      Dear BigMacky,

      Indeed Celcom was Quota their BB for RM98 but you at least get 5GB but Maxis Quota at 3GB for RM99 if you are bond with the iData 3 plan.

      But for Celcom u just subscript to their D99 or D120 data line u still get the unlimited data usage withour the broadband modem, so that’s the catch.

      For those who was on Maxis 99 Unlimited don’t even itchy enough to change the data plan as u still entitle for the Unlimited data if you don’t change it.

      Clarify me if im wrong.

      • 8 BigMacky September 14, 2009 at 7:20 am


        Sighhhhhh. I was one of those who itchy enough to go and cancel my Unlimited Data plan. But as I am not really a heavy user, I’ll do just fine with Celcom’s 5Gb cap. As it is, I can’t even use up 500MB currently on DiGi. Of coz, no tethering at the moment. Just casual browsing while out and about.


  6. 9 pmg4lktan September 15, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Hi BigMacky,

    I’m considering a move to iData plan. The Maxis Broadband sucks! In the same area, my iPhone 3G gets very good 3G signal, while the stupid Maxis Broadband modem only gets EDGE most of the time. I tried Internet Tethering and it was hassle-free and fast indeed! For an extra RM10, I rather cut off my Maxis Broadband line.

    Since you do casual browsing, may I know which package you are using now? I am considering the RM88 package but wonder if I can really use up all. If not, I’ll use to watch PPS! LOL! πŸ˜€

    Thanks … =)

    Best regards from,

  7. 10 BigMacky September 15, 2009 at 1:31 pm


    I am not currently on Maxis. Been switching back and forth between Maxis and DiGi. The last switch to Maxis was because I wanted to get the iPhone 3Gs. As I an awaiting for my HTC Hero to arrive, I’ll most probably switch to Celcom with their 5Gb Advance BB Plan + RM50 voice plan. I’ve heard sone good reviews about their coverage and speed. Strangely, Celcom is one telco I’ve not been with. DiGi was ok as I was using a 1st gen EDGE iPhone. Now that I am switching to HTC Hero, will wanna experience 3.6Mb HSDPA speed on Celcom.

  8. 11 feins September 16, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Dear BigMacky,

    Wat a waste for loosing the unlimited plan. I just move back to Maxis from Digi since end of July due to its EDGE coverage since i sometime went to some ruler area to work like Tioman Island and Kerteh Terengganu i got no EDGE support not even GPRS but atleast Maxis there is still 3G coverage in Tioman and GPRS in Kerteh Terengganu so it still alow me to do some emergency email checking or sending some important email out.

    Yes for leasure surfing 500MB are consider enough since most mobile doesn’t support flash YET. For highly dependend of mobile data like me 3GB is just a LAME.


    Are you from Perak or Alor Star cos ur nick look familiar as some one i know.

    • 12 BigMacky September 16, 2009 at 6:54 pm


      I had it with DiGi today. Wrote them a nice letter on their website and another to my company’s HR department showing them 2 screen shots on my phone. 1 with DiGi simcard (zero bar) and another with a Maxis simcard (full bar). All at the same spot, within the same minute. The reason I wrote to HR is because its company policy to use DiGi. So, after that email with attachments, DiGi wrote back within 20 mins with a very standard – “Dear so and so, thank you for alerting us on this issues. We’ve checked and it seems we are experiencing coverage outage at your building. Please note that we have dispatched our team to inspect on the situation as soon as possible”

      Yada yada yada yada ….. that was 2:30pm. As I left the office at 6pm, situation remain unchanged. Screw DiGi …..

  9. 13 feins September 17, 2009 at 3:33 am


    sometime we just cant blame the provider.

    For my situation Maxis had very low reception in my area in Kuantan. Especially once i get into my house on the living room i only got 1 bar but for Digi it’s always full bar. Even in town area Maxis signal always fluctuating hardly getting a full bar constantly but not Digi so its depend on area, i guess in Kuantan Digi are much better in signal compare to Maxis same goes with EDGE i can get EDGE everywhere in Kuantan but not Maxis one block 3G next block only have GPRS.

    Even today Celcom certain fren got full bar but phone display cannot connect to network message whole evening start from 4pm to 12am.

    So i guess were have to leave with it.

  10. 14 BigMacky September 17, 2009 at 7:17 am


    Sighhhhhh. Seems like we are screwed no matter which Telco we go with. From the recent study of whats being offered. For a casual surfer like me, Maxis is still the best bet. I don’t make calls much, mostly sms or receiving calls. So, taking up the RM50 voice plan + RM58 data plan (500MB) is most suitable for me. I seldom travel to remote places, hence Maxis should do fine. At the moment, Celcom is the most expensive. RM98 for data. RM50 for voice = RM148.

    I love this Mobile Network Portability thing. Its so liberating. This year alone, I have switched 3 Telcos. Tomorrow, will be switching back to Maxis again. I wonder if I will be blacklisted soon?

    Note to self. RM25 MNP charges sucks!

    • 15 feins September 21, 2009 at 8:06 pm

      Dear BigMacky,

      U must understand that we are staying in Boleh Land as this is what we are offer with no choice.

      Actually compare with Package Celcom are much cheaper compare with Maxis but the cheapest are still Digi, if im not wrong Celcom does give u rebate on ur monthly bill for up to 30% if u have a usage above certain amount on ur monthly bill. But Maxis gives u nothing. Digi have point for redemption so the more u use the more u can redeem. Like me previously after few month i just see what’s for redeem if its worth i just redeem it. So if compare the 3 Digi still the cheapest after include of redemption.

      On package flexibility wise Maxis family package will have an advantage to the other i like their Family package is that either one of my Family dint finish the monthly Air Time it will automatically top to those who over used so it wont be wasted by paying even you dont finish ur call time.

      As such i only need to get myself a RM50 Value pack and my other half a RM30 Value pack if she unable to finish it it will port to mine so every month i dont need to pay for the extra call time i’ve made.

      Also for the RM25 MNP charged only apply to Celcom, MAxis and Digi are FOC.

  11. 16 pmg4lktan September 17, 2009 at 8:04 am

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for checking up late, had been a bit busy these 2 days. Today will be my last day at the school, but still seems quite free! LOL! =D

    feins, I’m the one and only person who uses the nick “pmg4lktan”, just that haven’t register the copyright! =P I am from Sitiawann Perak, while my father is from Alor Star. So, if you see my nick somewhere, it is probably some tech forums I presume.

    Well, just want to voice out some of my experience. I am now staying in Bercham until next June or so. Specifically in our house, Maxis 3G and Celcom 3G is low and we will get EDGE most of the time. DiGi, not to mention, only EDGE in whole of the area, so they are out of question.

    At school, SRJK (C) Bercham, somehow the speed flies, for Maxis 3G. I tried at a classroom at 2nd floor and I can get up to 500KBps transfer speed (around 4.0Mbps) since Maxis didn’t cap the speed. Celcom however, I have not have the chance to try it out yet. But one thing for sure, it will not top Maxis since Celcom caps users at 3.6Mbps.

    As a “quite heavy” Internet user, I decided to try out P1 W1MAX. Although it is not out in Bercham area yet, I am going to try it in Butterworth area. They said Bercham area will be in coverage by next week. * hopefully * Even not, I will be happy if there is coverage after raya. So, hopefully it is a good experience lo! =)

    BigMacky, moving back to Maxis? So which package are you planning? I considered about the Mobile Internet package because my whole family uses Maxis and currently, my only other line is DiGi. So, for 3G, Maxis 3G is my best bet and Internet tethering on iPhone 3G is cool too! But only up to 3.6Mbps though =( Hope I can get a 3GS soon … =P

    Best regards from,

    • 17 feins September 21, 2009 at 7:54 pm

      Yo pmg4lktan,

      So its you seems the world are quite small. I bought the MobileMe from you in Lelong haha… Hey seems ur previous number also sold out i contact ur old number but a malay girl picking it up..

      K back to topic.
      Maxis has his strong point if the spot ur in is good u’ll get good download like mine if i just walk out a block away i got only GPRS signal not even EDGE but at me spot where i work now i got a download speed over 2.8KBps. But Maxis coverage are still un compare with Celcom. Digi EDGE are stable never has any hickup like Maxis but slow.Digi 3G Only certain place like in KL have coverage for Penang im not sure how good is their coverage.

      Come to P1 is a Pain in the Butt unless u like Fong Sui alot placing device finding the perfect spot for strong signal with alot of limitation. My experience is my Uncle subscribe 1 and he was intent to use it at his office which was about 10 meter away from P1 transmitter but the good part is that he only got no signal and according to P is due to his office was in his clinic with alot of partition board which absorb the microwave and come to no signal how nice.

  12. 18 BigMacky September 17, 2009 at 9:23 am


    Which Maxis package am I taking up? Most probably RM50 voice RM58 (500MB) data plan. I don’t tether and only uses data when I am out. At home, I rely on my Streamyx 4MB line for my downloads. The new data pricing by Maxis is really good for light users like me. My only concern is speed. Though I have heard sone rave reviews bout Celcom’s 3G coverage and speed, I just don’t have any real people to check with. It’s always hearsay from a friend’s friend or some bogus claims in LowYat forums. So, Maxis seems alright for areas I frequent – so, guess it wil be Maxis after all.

    • 19 feins September 25, 2009 at 1:45 am

      Wooho BigMacky,

      4MB line war…. Kuantan only have 1MB line actually can say 1.5MB even 2MB also don have r i was keep sending inquire on weather my place have 4MB yet always got reply that still no ready yet..

      • 20 BigMacky September 25, 2009 at 7:16 am


        When I first got my 4Mb line, it was actually running at 8Mb. Maybe there were not many subscribers then. Now, its a very standard and fixed 4Mb all the way. So, yes … our old copper phone line supports up to 8Mb or maybe more. Downloading a DVD Rip movie takes only 10 mins. It was pretty heavenly back then. πŸ™‚

  13. 21 BigMacky September 17, 2009 at 9:29 am


    The iPhone 3GS is a very good phone. But the current waiting list at Maxis is pure madness. Am a 1st gen iPhone user since July 2007. Now, just got myself a HTC Hero ….

    Maybe when the next real iPhone upgrade comes along, I’ll be back on Apple’s camp again. Then again, who knows? After the rediculous wait list is over – I just might, get one. Keyword here is “might”.

    But hope you’ll get yours soon ….

  14. 22 BigMacky September 18, 2009 at 7:33 am

    Check out the HSDPA coverage for Maxis and Celcom:

    • 23 feins September 21, 2009 at 8:22 pm


      Kuantan Maxis dont even have HSDPA if there is HSDPA u will get a peak of 7.2Mbps as been mention. But for Celcom they have only town center but im in coverage in their HSDPA zone. I was with Maxis is because of its unlimited usage as i mention earlier but now i was cap to 3Gb i was really intent to move out but problem is that i was bond with the iData 3 package which still have about 12 month to expire. I dont know how much do i need to pay if i terminate the contract.

      Anyone got any idea?

  15. 24 pmg4lktan September 22, 2009 at 12:55 am

    hi feins …

    yeah, i just remembered your nick … apparently it is my fault for not updating the phone number in lelong … actually it is the same seven numbers behind, just change the 016 to 012 and you’ll get my new number … πŸ˜‰

    i must say, to my experience, although it had only been the first day with P1 W1MAX … i am very happy with its stability and speed as well … for your information, i’m testing in butterworth (9th floor, good feng shui =p), and so far it had performed well …

    comparing with the telco’s 3G, P1 stability is great … i have yet to try DiGi broadband, but my student using it told me that it is slow, so i presume the coverage is still so-so … as for Maxis and Celcom, they worked very well outdoor, especially Maxis with uncapped speed … but indoor, they sucks, as for P1, it needs to be positioned well, then it performs well … if you wanna see my test result, you can go ahead to my facebook at pmg4lktan[at]mac[dot]com! πŸ˜‰

    P/S: feins, according to maxis – An early termination fee will be imposed. Customers will still need to pay for the remaining months of their contract period. Other contract terms and conditions apply. – so, think twice … =.=

    best regards from,

    • 25 feins September 23, 2009 at 9:45 pm

      Dear pmg4lktan,

      So ur on P1 home plan or business for Home plan once u hit ur Quota ur speed will be cap to lower speed and you have problem on surfing as well which was feed back from the user here since it start to Cap from last month in Kuantan before this they just swing the speed with P2P at over 3Mbps now once hit its quota cap to 400kbps lar for a 1.2Mbps package, that’s home package. Business still no quota.

      I was pot back from Digi to Maxis and can tell you its a night mare here . At my leaving room i get 1 Bar turn off 3G full Bar. out door as you say if there is good signal 3G full Bar test speed can hit 2Mbps but i dont think working under the sun surfing is a good idea unless something not right with me.

      In side building 3G signal are sux same with places with metal shelter i still get like 3 to 4 Bar but speed like snail craw.

      Switching between station much better have 3G signal but unable to surf have to restart phone or keep switching 3G on and off until the station know that i have move to another station.

      All those problem im facing doesn’t happen in KL since i been to KL and tested there is no such problem only in Kuantan and i did checked with Maxis center here they also mention its a common issue as they are trying to upgrade in about few years time since they are start to build more station to cove from Ktn KL highway 1st.

      P/S: For the termination of contract i did notice that there will charge for early termination fees. But wat do you mean customer still need to pay for the remaining month of their contract.

      For the phone or the air time?

  16. 26 Wong December 11, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    I use windows mobile to download email and as modem for my notebook with maxis. Then my friend told me that celcom is good, so I switch to celcom.

    My experience with celcom is suck, it got full bar HSDPA but only give you ~20kbps and always disconnected. It is exactly like the very old modem technology, although you got fix line, but you have to redial many times to get fast speed.

    I tested at 3 locations, my office sri petaling, home bukit jalil and my wife home kelana jaya. All same.

    Worst, while using the phone as modem or browsing internet, it can’t accept incoming call. Band switching is totally suck, maxis can switch from lower speed gprs->edge->3g->hsdpa automatically. Celcom, it will automatically switch the band from hsdpa->3g->edge… then it stuck there forever. You have to turn off and on the phone line and reconnect again to get higher speed. Yes … you have to reenter the pin code.

    After 2 months, I change back to maxis. I’m happy with the speed with those locations I have tested. It still cannot compare to tmnut speed.

    I used the same phone, same phone number start with 012, RM99 for maxis, RM98 for celcom, same notebook, and same location.

    Maxis signal bar = given speed.
    Celcom good coverage… NAH

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