HTC Hero, Officially Launched


I knew the event will take place today. But I have no idea where. Even bought a copy of The Star newspaper in hope of seeing a full-page ad but to no avail. Desperate – went to Twitter and did a quick search and found live tweets from @mytechnewsinfo. According to his tweets – Malaysia is getting the White and Brown model (No pink). Stocks to appear in stores by Mid September with a RM2,399 price tag. Celcom is on board – but subsidized packages will be announced at a later date.

HTC Magic is currently going for RM1,799 with 12-months contract with Celcom – I swore it was RM1,499 just a couple of days ago. So, if Celcom is giving RM900 subsidy for the HTC Magic which was retailing for RM2,699. Could it mean that HTC Hero will be RM1,499 with the same subsidy? Maybe that’s why they changed the pricing for HTC Magic.


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