I Am Frustrated, Again


Today, I’m kinda pissed with HTC – again. Mostly due to my frustration of it not having a quicker distribution of the newly launched HTC Hero here in Malaysia. I was at Maxis Centre, KLCC with my friends who’ve decided to take up the upgrade by Maxis for  a 3Gs. A part of me is wanting to get the 3Gs while the other – wanna hold on just a little while longer to check out the Hero, first hand.

Why not just end my freaking frustration by getting both phones? Well, then I’ll be having 2 mobile contracts which is not something I would fancy. Why not get both phones, sign-up with just 1 Telco. And get the HTC Hero off the shelve without a contract? Good idea, but ultimately – I don’t need to be carrying 2 phones with me or would enjoy swapping sim cards.

The wait is freaking killing me. HTC Magic is said to be getting the Sense UI come October. If it’s any earlier – I would have gotten it instead. Damn HTC with their lame ass marketing strategies. Releasing so many freaking handsets but perfected none. Can’t you just fucking focus on one but get it right – Hello!?

Okay, it has not been a great day. I’ll …. STFU


1 Response to “I Am Frustrated, Again”

  1. 1 Zirconic September 7, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    Cool down buddy…

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