I’ve Got You Babe: HTC Hero


Albeit an official local launch. The HTC Hero is no where to be seen here in KL. My personal deadline for this to hit stores was Friday, 11th September 2009. After months of waiting. I finally had enough of ranting on the incompetency of HTC Malaysia. The official price of this phone is RM2,399. Screw it. I just got a brand new unit off eBay with free shipping to a US address for RM1700.

Its a strange feeling. For a Mac FanBoy to let go of the iPhone and adopt a new mobile OS. I do think the iPhone 3GS is as good as a mobile phone can get – at least for the time being. But I can’t justify it as a worthy upgrade for existing or seasoned iPhone users like me who have been there during those early days of jailbreaking and mad rush for TurboCards used to unlock the phone.

I’ll be back to the iPhone camp for sure. But for now, I want to explore new experiences. Android and HTC Hero – could they provide the same level of excitement I’ve got from my first iPhone back in June 29th, 2007? Until the next real revision in the iPhone line, I’ll be HTC-ing you later.


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