HTC Hero: Day 6


Day 6 with the HTC Hero and I’ve already been flashing and re-flashing it’s ROM – countless times. If you’re gonna root your Hero, I can’t stress how important it is for you to do a Nandroid backup of your working ROM so that you can roll back to it if anything goes wrong. Earlier this evening, I screwed up during an installation and my Hero could not be rebooted till I press the Power and Home button to get to the Root screen. Did a quick restore of the last ROM back-up and things got running again. Pheeeeew. I noticed 2 problems today, the 2.2 MoDaCo ROM I have running has disabled the in-call volume of the Volume Rocker and somehow – the weather widget on the clock just doesn’t update itself anymore. Rooting, can be fun yet frustrating at the same time. But I like it …

UPDATE: It wasn’t the ROM’s fault that I couldn’t control the call volume during a call. It was my own doing. Under Menu, Settings, Ringer Volume – if you select Use Incoming Call Volume For Notifications, you’ll be able to control the in-call volume by pressing the Volume Rocker on the phone.


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