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Nintendo DSi LL vs. DSi


I may say whatever sour-grape shit after being screwed by Nintendo releasing a newer and bigger DSi 2 weeks into getting myself a Nintendo DSi. In the end, I’ll succumb to the bigger screen when I see the real unit and most probably will get one. Pfffffftt … nerd. But I’ve got a new gadget buying rule – either I buy it upon release or don’t buy at all, especially after it’s been released for over 3 months. For the video of the above, continue:

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That Was It?


Just came back from the movie. Throughout the entire show, I was saying to myself – That was it?  If you’re seen a MJ concert before – in person or in video, you’ve seen it all. This is basically concert rehearsal footages “conveniently” shot in HD and covers every song. Call me silly, but I’m still saying MJ is alive and kicking somewhere sipping Margaritas laughing his ass off to the bank. It’s the perfect retirement promo in the history of mankind. Fake your death, people go crazy, CD sales hit the roof, release a movie, release the Blu-ray, you’ll have yourself a big bang farewell concert that will reach a worldwide audience a concert could only dream of.

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Cartman Sings Lady GaGa

If this version is available for download on iTunes, I would gladly pay US$0.99 for it. Go Cartman! Go! I love Cartman, he’s so mean – like me.

Nintendo Profits Down, End Is Nigh


Okay, maybe the end is nigh part is a little off – but you get the picture. The Japanese gaming giant has announced a drop in interim net profits from ¥144.83 billion yen this time last year to just ¥69.49 billion yen this past six months, with a 43-percent drop in Wii sales. I hope Nintendo has learn a valuable lesson here. People don’t have parties all the time. Ignoring your Core gamers and focusing on Casual gamers is a death wish. It took longer than it should for people to realize it’s just a fad and now your figures is reflective of this realization.

iPhone Cake, Anyone?


Nope, it’s not a birthday cake. It’s a wedding cake. Now who in the world would get an iPhone wedding cake? Or rather, who in the world would marry someone who gets an iPhone wedding cake for their wedding? For more photos and find out who – click here.

Nintendo Confirmed Bigger DSi


Not only did they confirmed it and calling it Nintendo DSi LL – it ships November 21st in Japan. The 4.2-inch DSi LL is priced at ¥20,000 (about $221). So, is big the new small? Check out the size of the stylus. It’s a freaking pen! Available in dark brown, burgundy and natural white. Take your pick. As for me, I’ll just freaking stick with my 2-weeks old DSi. For size comparison between the DSi and DSi LL, continue:

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