Movie: Surrogates


Been awhile since we had a group movie nite. Had dinner and watched the 8pm show at Pavilion. I kinda enjoyed it. Not summer blockbusters standard in terms of special effects and action sequence, but the plot is ok for a movie outing. It was either this or Papadum. Nah, just kidding. I don’t think it deserves a 40% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, I would give it 60% – maybe. In short, the movie is about humans having robots doing everything for them. Humans just stay home, jacked into a chair while the robots go about doing their jobs, love life, getting groceries etc. Think about it, the internet has replaced having to physically go out to get stuff, social with friends and keeping in touch with family members. All in front of your computer or mobile phone. Human contact is getting lesser and lesser. If the internet can do this within a short time frame of 15 years. Imagine what will life be in 50. For the story, Surrogates is current, relevant and worth my RM11.50. Is it Blu-ray library material, nah. But for a casual nite out with friends at the movies – it’s enjoyable.


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