Nintendo Wii: Tetris Party


This is a very good example of something old given a new twist. Tetris Party has 18 modes, online battles and up to 6 players all thrown in making it the perfect game for a party. Pictured above is Field Climber. It’s a race to the goal! The faster player wins, but watch where you’re dropping those Tetriminos— you might trap or, even worse, squash your climber. Your climber can climb only one block at a time, so stack your Tetriminos carefully to avoid creating obstacles he can’t pass. Before you’re allowed to reach the goal, you must collect all flags. Once all flags are collected – you can then stack your way up to the finish line. Released a year ago, priced at 1,200 Wii Points – this is the 2nd most played game whenever my friends come over. What’s the most played Nitnendo Wii game? Wii Resort Bowling …. 😦


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