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Movie: Jennifer’s Body

My dislike of Megan Fox aside, I don’t think this movie deserves the 45% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If it’s up to me, I’ll probably give it a 30% tops. Cheerleader kidnapped and offered to Satan as a virgin sacrifice so that a lame ass band could get a push in their music career. Who in their right mind would think someone as slutty as Megan Fox would still be a virgin? To me, that’s the funniest part of the entire movie. If you’ve been wishing for a lesbian kissing scene featuring Ms. Fox – your prayers are answered. Otherwise, there’s nothing much being offered here other than bad acting. Not sure which is more appalling, the movie itself or the fact that I actually completed it. Sigh.

Using A PSP For Studies? Yeah Right!

Joystiq reported that the British Royal Navy bought 230 Sony PlayStation Portables at the cost of £50,000 to be given to it’s sailors for studies purposes. Hmmmmm, I thought such lame excuse could only be cooked up by school children to dupe their gadgets challenged soccer moms? Hey, if it worked on the British Government – maybe it’ll work for you too. Christmas is just around the corner – give it a go. Good luck!

Nintendo DSi LL Sold 100K In A Week

Though I know I should not even be thinking of getting one – because I just got myself a Nintendo DSi a month prior to the news that Nintendo gonna screw me with a new DS hardware. Still, many folks in Japan are more forgiving. They snapped up 100,000 units of the newly released Nintendo DSi LL within a week. I know I’ll drool over it when I’m at Akiba – but no, Nintendo. No. I’m still pretty sore at you.

App Store: Tokyo Underground

I love this Tokyo Underground App from Presselite. It costs US$0.99 but well worth the purchase price. I’ll be heading to Tokyo for Christmas and this time, I’ll be able to navigate the rail transport more efficiently. I know my way around Tokyo – afterall, it’s my favorite city in the world. But with this app, I can now commute in a more efficient and less time consuming manner. It’s integration with Google Map providing ability to direct you to the nearest station based on your position while it updates live via GPS and iPhone 3GS’s built-in compass as one walks the streets of Tokyo is nothing short of amazing. More after the break:

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Tethering On DiGi, Help!

Before I got my iPhone 3GS – I did try tethering with my friend’s unit. He is a Maxis customer and using an official Maxis iPhone 3GS. It worked. As I was using my Sony Vaio W to access the net – I just had to install iTunes to get the connections going. Before long, I was surfing the net via his iPhone 3GS’s data connection. So, when I tried tethering with my DiGi data connection – I noticed that the Tethering option is not there.

Since I was at Pavilion, went to DiGi Centre to enquire about it. As usual, the customer service personnel looked at me as if I was speaking in tongues. Long story short, this dude said DiGi doesn’t provide tethering support for iPhone but Blackberries. Knowing how “knowledgeable” they can be – I relied on Mr. Google instead and found steps provided by fellow DiGi users to enable this feature. It requires me sending a digi.mobileconfig file to myself and opening it on my iPhone. Simple enough. File sent, opened and installed – but still, the Tethering option is still not available. Contacted the thread starter and hoping he might know of a new way or file. My guess is that the latest 3.1.2 firmware on my iPhone 3GS disabled this bypass. If any of you out there, know of a way – please please please let me know. I need tethering – badly. Thanks.

UPDATE: Got a response from the thread starter. According to him,
For firmware 3.1.x above, tethering has been disabled and only work with the contracted telco which is Maxis. We are still loooking for solutions for other telco users. May need to wait for sometime mate.

UPDATE 2: DiGi responded to my Twitter enquiry and confirmed the same.

Back To iPhone Once Again

I just re-joined every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Lucy and Jane – for being an iPhone user once again. But this time, I got an official Maxis unit instead. No more jailbreaking. No more waiting for a solution to update everytime Apple releases a new firmware. Got this 32Gb iPhone 3GS earlier. Since I did not want to be tied down by Maxis, I had to pay a premium price for this contract free unit. Oh well, I had a fling with Android, now am back to Apple’s turf once again.

Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour

There’s no doubt she’s still sits on the throne as the Queen of Pop – no other female artistes could come close. (I am looking at you, Ms. Taylor Swift who so doesn’t deserve the Artiste Of The Year award). Watching her Sticky & Sweet Tour and man! This lady can move and sing! She’s so physical while maintaining her vocal controls. As if dancing in sync wasn’t enough – she jumped rope. Really like what she did with Vogue – very current. But between this and her previous Confessions Tour – I dig the latter more for it’s outfit, song choice, choreography and stage. Btw, she totally killed Borderline. For the complete Set List, continue:

UPDATE: OMG! I think she lip synced! So obvious during the last song, Give It 2 Me!

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