Movie: The Fourth Kind


Don’t believe the bad reviews. The last time I was this freaked out by a movie was back in 1999, by The Blair Witch Project. If you’d recall, the public was told that the three missing persons in the documentary were never found, although their video and sound equipment (along with most of the footage they shot) was discovered a year later. This “recovered footage” is presented as the film the viewer is watching. Back then, I went into the cinema “believing” that what was shown were real footages and not re-enacted scenes. So, you can imagine how I felt when I was watching that in a darken cinema. I almost peed my pants and the last scene crept me out till this day.

So how bad was I freaked by The Fourth Kind? 10 minutes after the show ended, were still having goosebumps even as I was walking towards my car. James and Ed can be my witness. From the opening scene when Milla Jovovich identifying herself as an actress, then going on to explain she will be playing psychologist Abigail Tyler and what we are about to see are real footages, of real people, sharing their experiences of these so called alien abductions. The director had my undivided attention. As Milla Jovovich continued – how you wish to interpret these footages, it’s all up to you, but please be warned that what you are about to see, can be very disturbing.

And boy oh boy, I am still having goosebumps as I am typing this. Don’t believe the negative reviews critics are giving. I will not elaborate more on the movie and what took place. Trust me on this, go watch this film. Trailer after the break.


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