Motorola Droid Ships, No One Cared


The Motorola Droid starts selling today in the US. But no one cared. No long lines. No crazy folks camping over night. Nope. None of that. Maybe Motorola screwed up so bad the last couple of years, it’ll take some time before people start thinking otherwise. I really hope things will pick-up for Moto or Android for that matter. Too much monopoly isn’t healthy. Just observe, at the absurd number of iPhone users around you these days. It’s sickening – and that coming from an Apple fanboy. Maybe I preferred the exclusivity of being an iPhone user in the early days. Now that it’s being used by every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Jane and Lucy. I did what I had to – leave. And left I did.


4 Responses to “Motorola Droid Ships, No One Cared”

  1. 1 zzeed November 10, 2009 at 12:57 am


    I took the path less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

  2. 2 Joshua November 13, 2009 at 3:28 am


    Been a loyal reader of your blog for a while now and have been following your post on the HTC Hero. In the states verizon has a very simular if not same HTC ERIS that they are pushing. Since my ATT service sucks where i live the HTC has been looking quite good. I have been using the first gen Iphone for about a year or so and still love the iphone to death. Great for my job and lifestyle. So do you still love your HTC? is it worth the switch or should i just look forward to the 8 gig 3gs that might be coming out. My wife is concerend about not being able to play her apple music on a new phone. Are you just packing around both? Thanks and hope to see you on Cod2 (ps3 that is)

    • 3 BigMacky November 13, 2009 at 7:32 am


      Thanks for dropping by. Do I still love my HTC? Honestly, it doesn’t feel as complete a mobile multimedia device as the iPhone. But as a phone, I would choose the HTC Hero over iPhone any day based on form factor (smaller and fits better), user interface (Sense UI) and most importantly – it’s not a phone that everyone you know is using.

      But, sorry, there’s always a but when it comes to the iPhone. I love Macs. I am just tired and disappointed with the upgrade for the 3GS and just needed to take a break from the iPhone. Like you, I still love it to death. But until the next real update comes along, I will try very hard to resist getting a 3GS – including the rumored 8GB unit rumored to be coming by Christmas.

      Your wife’s concern is valid. On the HTC (or Android for that matter), music, games, apps are not as “simple” when it comes to syncing. Here, Apple’s iTunes killed the competitor. It’s just way too easy and the App Store, that’s brilliant as well. After a few times, you will find yourself lazy in connecting your Android phone or Hero to your pc/mac to update photos, music like you would the iPhone.

      The Android Market is still in it’s infancy – so, it’s no competition for the Apple App Store.

      Conclusion, I will be back to the iPhone camp for sure. I miss the App Store and the overall user experience Apple is providing. But I needed something that looks different. Hence, till the next real update from Apple, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a contract + iPhone 3GS. That said, the HTC Hero is still a first gen device with the Sense UI. There are plenty room for improvements. Apple iPhone on the other side, it had 2 years to refine what it has to offer.

      If you are a Mac lover, wait out for the new iPhone rumored to be coming in June. If you’re thinking of getting the HTC Hero for your wife – don’t. She will most probably be more at home with the iPhone. Hope that helps. Again, thanks for dropping a note. It’s nice to know I have real readers out there. Haha.

      • 4 Khromalusional November 13, 2009 at 11:15 pm


        Thanks! Wife and I decided to stick with the Iphone. The idea of a cheap 3GS kept my wife happy. I thought there was just a new update coming in the summer not a whole new phone. Did i read that wrong? Keep up the great Blog. Your blog has become one of my daily routines. I get to work and before I open my store I sit down to read your blog. I get a lot of my tech/game info from you. Keep up the great work. Forgot to mention my call name on PS3– Khromalusional Take it easy and have a great weekend.

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