Got Myself A Nintendo DSi LL Afterall

The plan for the day was just head over to Shinjuku for a nice buffet lunch with friends. Honestly, there were no plans to shop for anything in particular. Since my arrival, the days been filled with tight schedules one after another. Today, was the only day I got to take my time to visit gadget shops in Shinjuku. At the back of my mind, I wanted to explore Lumix GF1 – a camera that I’ve totally fallen in love with since briefly playing with it a couple of days ago. The image quality beat the crap out of Olympus EP2 which I totally find unappealing now. So, with that in mind, I never had the chance to visit the videogame section while at Akihabara the other day. Today, I’ve finally came upclose with the new Nintendo DSi LL. I was love struck the moment I held it in my hands. The dark brown unit is just too beautiful. The screen is gorgeous and the gadget freak in me took over and here I am – with my new toy for the trip. With a tourist rebate of 5%, I got this for Â¥19,000 (approx. RM 730). Will be having water and bread for the next few days.


2 Responses to “Got Myself A Nintendo DSi LL Afterall”

  1. 1 zzeed January 1, 2010 at 9:17 am


    You’re such a Nintendo lover. Hehe

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