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Your American Idols, Transformed

It’s been a good couple of months since we saw them battling for the title on American Idol. Since then, they’ve been busy in the recording studio and now ready to release their debut album come November 2009. With a little help from the studio, here’s how they’ve transformed.


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The Liberation Of Adam Lambert

05_Flatbed_1 - JUNE

Well, its out – the June issue of Rolling Stone magazine with Adam Lambert on its cover. It’s one heck of a cover to kick off his career. So where’s Kriss Allen? Most probably gonna be on the cover of the next issue of Seventeen or CosmoGirl. Okay, okay, okay … that was mean of me. I’ll give him TeenVogue, happy now? For the behind-the-scene video of the cover shoot, continue:

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Adam Lambert Is …..


Still wondering if he is or isn’t? Come on. Do you need more proof? You mean his mannerism, eyeliner, fashion sense and creativity didn’t give it away? Are you ready for the truth?

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Let The Bitches Fight!


NEW YORK, NY — Adam Lambert has no hard feelings after American Idol Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken bashed him then apologized over a series of blog posts late last week. “I don’t know Clay,” Adam told Access Hollywood on Thursday morning after performing on the “Today Show.” “I’m glad he’s getting headlines now though, because he wasn’t before.” Last week, Clay hit his official blog, and slammed Adam, this season’s runner-up. Clay revealed he only watched one episode of the FOX reality series all season, and it was the one where Adam Lambert took on Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” “At that moment, [I] thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening,” Clay wrote. A day later, Clay hit his blog again, to apologize for his comments. “I do apologize to Adam for my colorful (and negative) choice of words. I hope he can forgive me,” Clay wrote. “I imagine he doesn’t give a damn! 🙂 God knows he shouldn’t.” And it appears Adam didn’t actually mind. “If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him,” Adam told Access, giving Clay the thumbs up sign. Original post here.

American Idol Rejects: Classic!

The Diva said to Simon Cowell, “Do you even have a working Visa to be here? As a tax paying American in my country, I wanna see your working Visa because I don’t think you are legally here”. I’m gonna call the National Geographic to let them know that the Dodo bird is not extinct as it’s in there and his name is Simon Cowell. This guy is a classic! Must watch!

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American Idol: So What Do You Think?


I tried. I really tried doing a total media lockdown to avoid spoilers. I refrained myself from Twitter, Blogs and even closed my browser when I saw Yahoo having the results on the show. All my resistance was futile as I forgot one important thing. My phone. By noon, I’ve started receiving sms on who’s the new American Idol. Darn. Regardless, I really enjoyed tonite’s show. Great performances, great comedy and fantastic guest stars. I felt sorry for Bikini Girl when Kara came out down staging her with her superior vocal and revelation. So, what do you think of the result? Let’s do a poll.

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